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This is the post I wrote about tree stump fences for the Ontario Barn Preservation newsletter, June 2022.

Thinking About Tree Stumps Today

I seldom see those old tree stump fences now. They used to be all over rural Ontario. Do you know the fences I mean? They were tree stumps pulled up (after the tree was cut down, of course) and lined up in rows as a border at the edge of the land or field.… Read the rest

The Key in the Tree and Other Stories

Some weird old guy in a dusty suit hands you a key and wanders off mumbling about the Fountain of Youth. The key has an address stuck to it with some mangy looking tape. It’s actually not far from your place. But when you get there it’s just an empty lot. Still, now that you’re here you decide to sit under the trees and read a book awhile.… Read the rest