Tired of Covid Vax Fanatics

The government, the media, and people who have had the “covid vaccine” continue to harass/ coerce/ force people to get the vax.

Vax is a good name for it, saves me typing out “vaccine” or “the vaccine”. I don’t believe it is a vaccine. The description of a vaccine had to be changed so this covid vax could qualify.… Read the rest

Will You Be Allowed to Vote?

Tomorrow is the Canadian federal election. I already voted, early. Tonight I’m wondering, in this new democracy where people are allowed to make one choice only, call it coerced, whatever word you like. Will this be our last election?

First, I thought about future elections requiring a vaccine passport. Only those who have been vaccinated several times (with “the vaccine” not all those other vaccines, they just don’t count now) will be allowed to vote.… Read the rest

Rockhounds in Ontario and Canada

A rockhound is an amateur geologist or collector of rocks, minerals and gemstones. It’s not always about the value or selling them. Not for me. I like the history of rocks. Such ancient things, far older than even the oldest of trees. Eroded by time and the elements (mostly water) found on and under land, sea and space, small enough to fit into a pocket or far too massive to consider moving at all.… Read the rest

Micro Cars

There are small cars and then there are micro cars. Not so easy to find in Ontario. You would have better luck in Europe and Asia than North America. Some of the cars have only 3 wheels. One of my favourites is the BMW Isetta. It opens from the front, where the engine hood would be in most cars, the front door is to enter the car with the Isetta.… Read the rest

Phone Slavery

I do not understand the popularity of mobile/ cell phones.

Today my brother phoned twice. I think it was him, he didn’t say much other than hello once and then hang up. I phoned back, once. Did not hear from him again so far. But another call came which was junk of some kind, not my brother.… Read the rest

I Almost Bought a Refreshing Mask Spray

You can find a whole mask side business industry on Etsy.

  • refreshing mask sprays to make them smell nice
  • mask lanyards and chains to wear around your neck when your mask is at the ready
  • mask carrying cases, disposable or not
  • ear savers, alternate ways to wear your mask if it bothers your ears.
  • mask brackets, to push the fabric off your face
  • mask filters to use when you don’t want to wash your mask
  • mask stickers/ decals

Of course there are all sorts of assorted masks.… Read the rest