Big Cats Should Not be Bred in Little Cages

I was watching the episodes of Snow Leopards of Leafy London, about the National Cat Trust, with Dr. Terry Moore in the UK. Although its great to see someone taking in cats who have no where else to go. In the end, they are living in captivity for however long they live. Not able to … Read more

Posted to Ontario Barn Preservation – Tree Stump Fences

This is the post I wrote about tree stump fences for the Ontario Barn Preservation newsletter, June 2022. Thinking About Tree Stumps Today I seldom see those old tree stump fences now. They used to be all over rural Ontario. Do you know the fences I mean? They were tree stumps pulled up (after the … Read more

Individual Bloggers Need Their Own Niche

Top 5 Ways to Master Online Content 1. Optimize, Not Compromise Content farms are so obsessed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that they prioritize search terms within content over logical narrative. Worry less about how Google indexes, and focus on delivering great information about potential keywords. 5. Find Your Niche Being an expert at one … Read more

Need Ideas for Writing about Climate Change for Blog Action Day?

Do you need ideas for writing about climate change for Blog Action Day tomorrow? (Blog Action Day on Twitter). Everyone isn’t perfectly politically minded or caught up on all the environmental issues. Also, you may think about the idea of climate change personally versus globally. That’s how I intend to write about it. So, here … Read more

Four Things: The Meme in the Skye

Four Jobs You’ve Had in Your Life Small business mastermind.Magazine company circulation underling.Creating real estate flyers.General office nobody. Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over Chitty Chitty Bang BangThe Princess BridePirates of the Caribbean or The Pirate MovieMoulin Rouge (maybe, I might get sick of it) Four Places You’ve Lived North York, Ontario in … Read more