Posted to Ontario Barn Preservation – Cars in Barns Are Barn Finds

This is the post I wrote about old cars being found in even older barns, for the Ontario Barn Preservation newsletter, January 2023. Cars in Barns Are “Barn Finds” I like to photograph old buildings, farm houses and barns included. I’ve met a lot of people who also have an interest in old places. Not everyone is about photographing them. Some will salvage, some will vandalize. As a general rule I choose not to do either. But, there have been times I saved plants from a garden at a house long abandoned. Once, I brought back a green Pyrex mixing … Read more

Possibly the Weirdest Looking Tree in Ontario

This is called a dawn redwood tree. In 2015, it was voted as the most unique tree in the Great Toronto Tree Hunt. Unfortunately this is now 404 on the site and I could not find the photographs of the winning, or nominated trees. This is a very strange looking tree. I hope it is still standing and lasts a very long time. This type of tree has been around from the ages of dinosaurs and it can grow in zone 5 but likes lots of sun and water. I looked for more photographs of this tree. Not all were … Read more

Urban Combing and the Lost Art of Found Objects

The lost art of found objects. (It sounds great as a phrase but I don’t think beach-combing (or urban combing) has ever been lost). Every where you go there are little things to be found. Most people would call it bits of junk. But, its all in the eye of the beholder. An assortment of bits of things found while urban combing can build a whole story, or maybe become part of a creative project. How to Start Urban Combing You won’t need to buy or carry around a metal detector. Keep something like a spare make up bag, a … Read more

Keep Plants Instead of Pets

Get plant friendly. Plants don’t destroy clothing or furniture, they don’t bite, drool or bark. You don’t need a bag to pick up their poop if you take them on a walk. You don’t need to take plants to the vet. Plants can smell wonderful. You can eat some of them, if you choose. Plants are green, real living things, and stay right where you put them. You can take day trips, or longer, and not worry about what your plants have done while you were away. Plants recycle carbon dioxide into air you can breathe. Plants are easy to … Read more

How to Catch Ghosts at Home

How do you explore your own home when you think you might have paranormal, ghostly activity? What really works to find ghosts and protect yourself from them, before or after they have been found? Do you have a ghost in your home, or are they just routine settling sort of noises? So much of the paranormal ghost behaviour can be explained as something else. I don’t know how paranormal investigators who ghost hunt ever hope to find something that will be final and definitive proof of ghosts. It’s an uphill battle. Sceptics will bring out a list of very practical … Read more

Godzilla and the Garden Gnomes

Hard to resist letting Godzilla run around in the garden, getting those gnomes in order. Pesky garden gnomes have finally met their match in the Rampaging Kaiju Garden Gnome. Made of durable cast poly resin, he’s ready to take his place as the guardian of your garden. Source: Rampaging Kaiju Garden Gnome | ThinkGeek

Interview with Ontario Abandoned Places

I haven’t been active on the site so it was very nice to be included in the interviews. Following is my own interview. Follow the link to read the other interviews with Ontario women urban (and rural) explorers. Thrill of the XXploration – ThatGRRL – Link is 404 on the site now so I am just adding the domain link. Hello. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I began looking at abandoned houses as a kid. My Mom, my Grandmother’s sister and I explored an old house together more than 30 years ago. I still have the … Read more

Ideas for Halloween Blog Posts

Tired of the same old holiday posts? Try writing about these! How to make your lawn look ghastly for Halloween using simple stuff like zombie flamingos, garden gnomes and such which you can buy on eBay and poke into your grass. How to dress like a slut for Halloween without alarming your Mother Lingerie in Halloween colours to perk up the late night trick-or-treaters. How to keep your kids from eating too much candy on Halloween – give them healthy snacks instead and threaten to hang them off the roof while they barf if they don’t eat the healthy snacks Dress up … Read more

Keep Your Poinsettia After Christmas

It is possible to keep your poinsettia alive into the Spring season when it can flower again for Christmas holidays the next year. Of course, flower is the wrong word when dealing with poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima, from the spurge plant family). They don’t have flower petals. Those red leaves are called bracts. The red leaves are just more leaves on the planet but they turn red as they grow from the top. The actual ‘flower’ is that knobby looking part in the centre of the plant. This is why poinsettias are propagated through grafting in commercial nurseries. I’ve never tried … Read more

Home Keeping and Homemaking as a Profession

I don’t like the leftover attitude about stay at home Mothers or housewives and the idea that women should be homemakers who look pretty for their man and do what they are told to do. It’s a small minded and ignorant way to treat something which is so much bigger and more important. The world needs homemakers. Whether the person who looks after the children and the home is a man, woman or a couple, it’s a vital role. It’s a profession really. I wish it was given more credit and taken far more seriously than it is. Being a … Read more