Big Cats Should Not be Bred in Little Cages

I was watching the episodes of Snow Leopards of Leafy London, about the National Cat Trust, with Dr. Terry Moore in the UK. Although its great to see someone taking in cats who have no where else to go. In the end, they are living in captivity for however long they live. Not able to have space, hunt, and live a feral life. He also breeds them. It wasn’t clear if he also lets the domestic cats breed too. The Trust takes in domestic homeless cats as well as the big cats. I hope the Trust works on some version … Read more

Canadian Writer Links from the old dmoz

  Alberta Playwrights Network   APN is a non-profit, provincial arts service organization and registered charity dedicated to fostering playwriting in Alberta.   Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society   Events, membership details, newsletter, and subscription information. Based in Calgary, Alberta.   Asian Canadian Journalists Association   Formed in 2010. Located in Vancouver, BC.   Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop   A not for profit organization governed by a volunteer board and executive team.   Association Italian Canadian Writers   To publicize the work of Italian Canadian authors, and provide a forum for the discussion of issues pertinent and relevant to the membership. … Read more

Daisy Yellow’s Creative Experiments

Daisy Yellow is an art journalist with regular posts with Creative Experiments, Kick Start your Art Journal and Art Journalling 101. Use familiar stuff in a new environment This is easy. Take your show on the road. If you draw mandalas at night before bed, draw at a cafe. If you mostly shoot photos of your kids, photograph iron gates or weathered doors. If guitar is your thing, get friends together to play at your house. Use new stuff in a familiar way Build on something you know how to do. If you paint flowers with watercolors, paint the same … Read more

How to Get Started Doing Parkour

Parkour is a philosophy as well as physical exercise. Parkour is running, dodging, jumping through an obstacle course, on foot and without any special equipment. Parkour is also about learning to live your life in a better way. What Parkour Really Is: The Whole Picture Parkour is more than physical exercise or an extreme sport. Parkour is not about buying equipment or gear. Parkour is not about performing tricks or competing or showing off. Parkour is available for any level of athlete, or non-athlete. Parkour is a philosophy about moving within your environment (mental and physical) and dealing with the … Read more

Creative Drawing and Journaling

Originally posted to SuiteU, part of Suite101. SuiteU is being removed from the site. I wanted to save the ecourses so this resource would not disappear. Drawing 101 By Joan Martine Murphy Introduction Most people would love to be able to draw what they see. Many people find enormous pleasure in the art of self-expression. Sadly the idea of learning to draw skillfully is quite daunting for a high percentage of people of the Western World. This is sometimes due to negative experiences that have come from early child hood. Drawing is a form of communication, which can allow us … Read more

Recycling Ideas

Janet Blaylock: ¬†Ideas can be recycled. Your emotions or interests can produce an idea for a story. Ideas are anywhere and can be used over again. Be alert to your environment, your interests, and your emotions. Somewhere an idea will spark your imagination. Also using different viewpoints can be an idea for another story. Any idea can be written more than once by changing something in the story so that it is given a fresh approach. For example. A story could be told by the detective, and then recycled and told again by the villain. You’ll be reading a story … Read more


I enjoy finding a new word. Today I found Hikikomori. It comes from Lawrence Pearce in his post to get votes on which title to use for his book. I know agoraphobia is also a fear of the outside world, people tend to shut themselves in because they don’t want to be out in the open, exposed. Note: Hikikomori is a Japanese term describing those who never set foot outside of their own homes or even bedrooms. One of the main characters is an Hikikomori. Could you write about a Hikikomori? Where would the story begin? Could they find some … Read more

Rewilding: An Education in Food

Foraging for wild food isn’t new, the early pioneers did it and people were foraging for food all through the history of mankind. It is just new to us, in this day and age, where the local supermarket has everything from diaper wipes to lettuce imported from China. Our ancestors had the knowledge about wild foods which we lack. I don’t know what will happen with our good old planet Earth but it seems that a know-how of wild plants would be a good thing for us all, even in North America where food is so easy to find in … Read more

Professional Forum Moderators

I’ve moderated a lot of forums and chats. I never feel personally responsible for maintaining freedom of speech. If I delete, I delete without looking back or being obligated to give a lengthy explanation. I like the word moderator for the people who run a forum (or chat, etc.). Moderation is what it is all about: letting people talk, make their points but not letting it go overboard. For me that is any comment that becomes a personal attack versus something constructive. I don’t require everyone to agree with me or the topic under discussion. I like having someone with … Read more

Evangelist Marketing: Using the Buzz!

I stumbled on the term evangelist used in a job description. It was a first for me. I went on to read more and look it up as a career option too. I did find a job which wanted someone to create buzz for their company using all the social media and other online options. I also read about how some companies embrace the buzz about their products/ services and others intentionally ignore and downgrade it even. (I think they must be stuck in the mud). I also read more about the idea itself, evangelist marketing theory. From Wikipedia: How … Read more