Valentine Daisies to Crochet

If you have yarn and know how to crochet a granny square you can make a blanket of daisy squares in all the Valentine colours. It is a simple pattern, the main thing is to change yarn colours to create the daisy. The colours in this pattern are really perfect for Valentine’s day. But you could use any yarn you have, leftovers from other projects, in shades of red.… Read the rest

Hello… Happy UnBirthday to You (and Me)!

I have wanted to have a holiday and events site for years. But, I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. So, this site is taking awhile to pull together. I have artwork, from my ASCII art. I have posts and loads of ideas I’ve been gathering, collecting and curating. I found software which I can use to set up a calendar for all the recurring holidays and events.… Read the rest

Denim Christmas Stocking with Fake Fur

I really like this Xmas stocking I noticed on Etsy. But, with shipping added, the price is more than doubled. How does that work? Shipping must cost sellers a lot of sales on Etsy. In this case, it likely isn’t the only Christmas stocking made in this style. Not even just looking at Etsy shops.… Read the rest