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Do You Still Write With a Pen?

There is, still, something I like about writing by hand that I miss when I’m typing on a keyboard. There is a smoothness to the pen and paper and I like having good penmanship. There is no penmanship at all with a keyboard. Today I found a note from Perfect Pen, a site selling pens and etc. They say 95% of people write their name first, when they get a new pen. I don’t know if its true. How would you find out about that. Chances are someone selling pens and seeing people test them before buying, would know. So … Read more

Possibly the Weirdest Looking Tree in Ontario

This is called a dawn redwood tree. In 2015, it was voted as the most unique tree in the Great Toronto Tree Hunt. Unfortunately this is now 404 on the site and I could not find the photographs of the winning, or nominated trees. This is a very strange looking tree. I hope it is still standing and lasts a very long time. This type of tree has been around from the ages of dinosaurs and it can grow in zone 5 but likes lots of sun and water. I looked for more photographs of this tree. Not all were … Read more

Rubbing Yourself Out and Getting Worn Down

I found this quote by Amy Tan: “I did not lose myself all at once. I rubbed out my face over the years washing away my pain, the same way carvings on stone are worn down by water.” People ask if you are sad or tired. I could say yes to those but neither is quite right. I am worn down, like a stone in a river. I try to hold on, be stoic and strong but I’m eroding all the time. I feel this way more often as I get older. None of us are getting any younger of … Read more

Firefox Web Browser Can Make the Internet Easier to Read

I’ve been having a lot of trouble seeing clearly when trying to read websites. The style seems to be small, pale grey fonts which are very hard to read. No problem for a computer, or other machines. I wonder if these sites which are hard to read just expect machines and not human being to read the information? Are they just looking for web traffic for marketing. Content doesn’t seem to be very kingly when you can’t read it. Anyway, that’s a bit off topic but the issue really frustrates me, personally. I found a way to change settings in … Read more

Like Marketing Campaigns Instead of News Reports

Jade Walker posted a quote on Facebook: “It’s not the news that keeps upsetting you. It’s what’s happening that keeps upsetting you.” – Dan Slott I disagree. Its the way the news is being reported, with lies and propaganda (misinformation, or whatever that trendy word is these days), that’s upsetting me. When did all the news reports become biased editorials. Like marketing campaigns instead of news reports.

Tom Carter – Art from Vancouver

Tom Carter, artist, Vancouver, BC. His style reminds me of the old postcards, hand drawn looking with that sort of range of colours. I would call it muted, for lack of a better word. They look like something you could find (if you were lucky) in a thrift shop, a little time worn and dated but a treasure still. Tom Carter Gallery Tom Carter Artist on Facebook I made screenshots of two of his set of Christmas cards, posted to Facebook, this year. I am far too late to order a set of cards. If I can afford a set, … Read more

Are NFT’s a Backlash to Grinding and Online Games?

I’m trying to understand about NFT’s (non-fungible tokens). The more I read the more this seems to be some kind of backlash to online games in which you work/grind/farm to get what is essentially a digital image or file, one copy of it, which you in fact do not own. NFT seems to be a way to own something which you still don’t really own. You may have fought, worked, or otherwise feel you own it, but you did not create it so you have no copyrights to the original image/game/whatever digital file it is. If the original artist does … Read more

Stop Getting Hung Up On Trivial Nuances

I was peeling carrots and I asked my nephew to get me a kettle to put them into. He said it was a pot. I didn’t really care what he wanted to call it. Just get it so I can make dinner. I was visiting at his house, his Mother’s house. But he went on about it, correcting me. In fact, I still don’t know which is perfectly correct and I don’t very much care. I will still, likely, say pot or kettle and mean the same thing. The word is trivial, the meaning was pretty clear. But he was … Read more

Second Hand Books are Wild

Do you remember BookCrossing? It’s been years since I last logged in. Funny that I was thinking of the book which I had last read the last time I was at the site. I couldn’t remember the author or the title, but there it was, first on my profile page. “Second hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack.” – Virginia Woolf A friend who joined the site with me, Skye Truheart, I have not heard from for many … Read more

Would you Travel to Explore a Cemetery?

I think the idea that walking through a cemetery is scary or should be, is created by the media. In reality, its usually quiet, tends to be damp, among the trees, or windy if there are few trees. I’ve photographed an old cemetery which was on the edge of a farm field, only one tree. It was very cold and windy. That was perfect atmosphere for a movie. But, they would have needed a story to make it creepy. The reality was just bitterly cold, not scary at all. I found this post, which included a quote from Loren Rhoads, … Read more