The House in Ballantrae

I know this house in Ballantrae, Ontario. I’ve never been inside, or even closer than looking from the street. There is another similar down the road but far less looked after. This house is a local treasure, to me at least. I found it on a card sold via Etsy today. It doesn’t seem to say who the artist is, might be easier to see on a larger size.… Read the rest


Did that scare you? Well, it scares me. Not to the extent that my hair is turning white… well, not all at once. But enough that I feel the pressure to procrastinate.

How do you procrastinate? I tend to play computer games. At least it keeps me in the right area, if not very focused. Sometimes I snap out of it, grab a hold and tell myself (sternly) that this is not a good thing.… Read the rest