Attack Kittens

Attack kittens. I gave my nephew a shirt with a kitten like a fire breathing dragon attacking a city. I found these as shirts at Amazon. Little monster kittens like King Kong and the Kracken. The Mountain Krakitten Adult T-Shirt, Grey, Small The Mountain Men’s King Kitten, Gray, Small Fun, but not very affordable. Why are so many things printed on T-shirts. People only need so many shirts after all. They don’t wear out or need to be replaced like pens, paper, etc.

Do You Have Marketing Overload in Your Dreams?

To say we are bombarded by information is just scratching the surface. We are endlessly flogged with marketing, and information. Most of what we see and hear is marketing based, or focused on selling. Does it even turn off in our sleep any more? Do you have dreams with product placement? It’s hard to relax when information follows you wherever you go. via Zoe Goodacre: Get Out Of My Head! [100 Words Into The Future] – Forbes.

Is It Just a Processed Food Fad?

The processed food fad is more than a fad. Yet, I wonder if we will end up not having fast food as we see it now but artificial food such as that created for astronauts. Food which contains the ‘right’ ingredients, processed and preserved to last for years, decades even. All the body needs without the actual need to chew. What did we really need all those teeth for anyway? Maybe taste will cease to matter. Great for people who want to change their diet, avoid foods they crave. We have less farm land to grow/ produce food and yet … Read more

The Fear of Human Contamination

People are beginning to prefer no human contact, it seems to me. Not just the mobile phone thing, but the germophobe stuff and choosing to send a text rather than risk catching someone actually live on their mobile phone. The germophobe thing is odd enough. When did we become so prissy about germs? I think it is based on the lack of actually touching anything. Included in this is the growing need or expectation to be nearly hairless (especially expected of women). Life is messy. Our food is grown in dirt (not always now, but that is still the basic … Read more

Arranged Marriages via Online Dating?

Not so long ago young women of my generation were thinking how awful an arranged marriage would be. Marrying (or even dating) someone chosen for you by someone else. A blind date with the expectations of changing your life for you. Now we give this power to online dating sites. Match us up with their algorithms and theory of personalities and data of interests… is it really any different than an arranged marriage? Sure you have the choice of a second date but, as things get faster paced do we actually feel more in a rush to meet someone, get … Read more

For Lack of a Human Touch the World is Lost

In the medical field lack of human touch could save lives and yet cause some patients to lose hope or feel alone. Terminal patients need humans care and yet it’s not an easy job to care for someone as they die. Infants have failure to thrive listed as a reason for death. How much of that is just lack of human touch, a feeling of being cared for, wanted? “Do more patients require examination?” Sophia asks. “Not for now,” answers the MediController. “Go switch off for a while.” Simulated Physician Helper 1A, known to controllers as SoPH1A, returns to the … Read more