Dressing Like a Man Won’t Make you a Better Woman

Behind every successful woman is a suit of men’s clothing? There seems to be a trend for women to dress as men in order to feel successful, confident, professional – the ideal stereotypical man. It’s sad for women and unfair to men. Its letting stereotypes continue to thrive when we should be changing them, not ourselves. People get angry if you post anything less than agreeable about gender transitioning, fluidity, and all the other words and phrases which just keep on showing up. They all mean the same thing really. People have dived so deep into gender stereotypes they can’t … Read more

How to Have a Happy Birthday When You’re Alone

Your birthday comes around once a year—every year—whether you like it or not. Don’t be in denial; be proud! Celebrate yourself. Age really is just a number; it’s all about how you feel! Choose to feel good, and if you’re celebrating alone, make it special. It’s your day, so do what you want! Celebrating Your Birthday Alone? Make It Special Spending your birthday alone is not a bad thing at all. I have family and a few friends, and that’s more than enough for me. I don’t mind going for a b-day lunch with loved ones, but I also enjoy … Read more

Is It Possible to Really Photograph a Ghost?

Has there ever been a photo which completely proves the existence of ghosts? I think it is sad that most photos, which people see ghosts in, can have simple explanations. But, does that mean they should be entirely discounted? I read a post about photos of ghosts which the writer believes are creepy and proof of ghosts. I didn’t see even one photo or image which proves anything to me, not fully. Some are interesting, some questionable, tricks of light and perception, mistakes about when the photo was actually taken, and some are probably fakes. Photo Source: 13 Creepy Photos … Read more

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Movie Macabre

I started typing in this post and then the Internet decided to die. Usually, the post would manage to be saved as a draft, this one didn’t make it. So, although it only matters to me, this post is being written a second time around. Kind of right when thinking of Cassandra Peterson, better known as her character, Elvira. She wasn’t finding huge success in movies and TV, until she became Elvira. A reinvention of herself from her career and personal life. I had thought she was a Vegas showgirl who found a better career path, until I read more … Read more

What Affect Do Cesarean Section Births Have on People in the Long Run?

A woman I know is having a baby this month, a girl. She has been told its a breech birth so they have set her up with an appointment for a Cesarean in a week and a half. Her due date was actually 3 weeks away still. So, how is this baby a breech birth three weeks before its even expected to be born? Aren’t they all breeched, or in some odd position, until labour starts and the baby moves into position to be born. That’s what I’ve heard, and read. So, really, this baby is not a breech birth, … Read more

Race, Age, and Gender Neutrality

Answering a WordPress survey this afternoon. Funny that for gender there are options including prefer not to say and space for a custom answer, in addition to male or female. People go out of their way to be inclusive and neutral with gender. To the point where it has become very hard to agree what a woman actually is any longer. However, race is still very black and white. Age the same. The WordPress survey gave no options to prefer not to answer for age, no option to describe how I feel about my age, what age I identify as. … Read more

Some Things You Just Can’t Say or Post Any More

Sometimes there are things you want to say or post that just don’t agree with what you are allowed to say. I have decided to stop posting any of my real thoughts, other than general fluff and stuff people want to hear, on Twitter. Posting about real things upsets people and they don’t like that. Disinformation seems to be anything not agreeing with current popular (media) opinion. I don’t agree with a lot of popular opinions these days. I don’t agree with the idea that men can wear cosmetics and/ or have body modification and then become women. I don’t … Read more

Medicated Child Beauty Queens

I’m watching little girls in beauty pageants, on a television series, this morning. There are no little boys. I don’t write that as a thing about sexuality, because they are children so it is not about gay boys being in beauty pageants, its about children regardless of gender. Why is so much of this pushed on girls only? It starts women feeling their value is all wrapped up in how they look and not about who they are, or what they accomplish. The bigger issue is the lack of rules and care for the safety of these children. Girls are … Read more

Why not Just Turn it Off?

Not all men, obviously, but some men believe women can turn their period (menstruation) on and off. If this were true I’m sure overpopulation would never be an issue. How many women would turn it off and leave it that way. I think there is a great story in that. Like the first “man” to discover fire. The first man to tell a woman how she can turn off her period causes the gradual extinction of the human species. Probably best as a satire.

Hello From LiveJournal

Hello again LiveJournal and LiveJournal people. I have just (yesterday afternoon) gotten home from giving up my home so my Mom and brother could have time self quarantined after coming back from the US. I was away a month, mostly because my niece and I like working, cooking and having some fun together. I stayed at my sister’s house. Now I’m back, in Barrie, where my brother and Mother have ransacked their way through everything I own, every least bit of paper, literally everything. Boundaries and privacy do not exist here. When I was a girl I wished for a … Read more