Are NFT’s a Backlash to Grinding and Online Games?

I’m trying to understand about NFT’s (non-fungible tokens). The more I read the more this seems to be some kind of backlash to online games in which you work/grind/farm to get what is essentially a digital image or file, one copy of it, which you in fact do not own.

NFT seems to be a way to own something which you still don’t really own.… Read the rest

Best/Worst Games for the Obsessive Compulsive Gamer

Idle, incremental, and clicker games, are they good or bad for people who obsess about things? Can an online game like Cookie Clicker help you beat the worse (less physically healthy) habit of chain smoking? Maybe. Luckily, I’m not a smoker so I can’t test out that theory.

But, I thought I would post about my habit, limited obsession, mild addiction, with idle games.… Read the rest

Often Labelled as Selfish, Unfairly

Chaotic neutral alignment – Often labelled as selfish. Unfairly. Yes, I’d make sure I got on the lifeboat, but I wouldn’t push everyone else off. I want them to live… and help bail if we start sinking.

An Idea Found Online…

I read about the idea of a Museum of Dungeons & Dragons on Facebook, after noticing a link to it on Twitter. I looked for it. But, there is just a slightly active Facebook page for it. The idea didn’t get off the ground. Like so many others they seemed to rely on getting funding before they really shook off the dust and got started.… Read the rest

Attention Game Developers

My nephew and I were talking one day after school this week, we want a game that is a combination of StrongHold and Fallout. A game where the world has gone through an apocalypse and is being rebuilt. But rather than being just a basic shoot them all, we want it to include building towns, villages and be about gathering straggling civilization back into order again.… Read the rest