Best/Worst Games for the Obsessive Compulsive Gamer

Idle, incremental, and clicker games, are they good or bad for people who obsess about things? Can an online game like Cookie Clicker help you beat the worse (less physically healthy) habit of chain smoking? Maybe. Luckily, I’m not a smoker so I can’t test out that theory.

But, I thought I would post about my habit, limited obsession, mild addiction, with idle games.… Read the rest

Found Carmageddon!

Found Carmageddon!

*OLDIES BACK-UP* // Carmageddon 

I’m downloading Carmageddon! Finally found a site where it’s abandonware, free for the downloading. A hefty download but just wait till I’m wrecking cars again. I’ve missed version one. As much as I like Crashopolypse (spelling doesn’t look right) version one had a charm of it’s own.

Carmageddon Game Grrl

I’m still looking for Carmageddon. InterPlay has written it off, so why haven’t more of the abandonware sites picked it up? Underdog just sends you to Sci Games to order it. But, there are none to be ordered.

Doesn’t someone have a nice CD with Carmageddon for me? Ideally #1 and #3 but #3 would be just ducky all on it’s own.

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