Are NFT’s a Backlash to Grinding and Online Games?

I’m trying to understand about NFT’s (non-fungible tokens). The more I read the more this seems to be some kind of backlash to online games in which you work/grind/farm to get what is essentially a digital image or file, one copy of it, which you in fact do not own.

NFT seems to be a way to own something which you still don’t really own.… Read the rest

Different Copyrights to Consider for Your Photography

I haven’t heard of all of these, so I expect some will be news to other photographers too. This matters especially when you are selling your photographs. If you are writing out something about the rights people have with your photos, these would be good terms to know.

Photos have copyrights assigned to them and you need to make sure you’re following the laws.

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Create a Blogger Wiki to Promote Your Content

Note: This was originally written for HubPages and the writers there.

When you write content on a site like HubPages you want it to be found by people interested in reading about your topic (niche/ genre/ subject matter). But, it can feel like you’re alone in a vast ocean, standing on a rock, jumping up and down, waving and waving without anyone noticing you at all.… Read the rest

Judging Criteria

HubPages is having a writing contest. But, the judging criteria aren’t all about writing a good post, for readers. They want a crappy SEO title. Not a title that might interest or intrigue readers, no… just something spammy for search engines. This bugs me! Plus, they want people to use their own photos yet HubPages doesn’t want people to retain copyrights to their images.… Read the rest

Your Free Copyrights

myfreecopyrightLong before the Internet people used the mail service as a cheap way to protect and establish their copyrights for written material. You just make a copy of your work and mail it to yourself. If you keep the envelope sealed you have a preserved copy of your work, dated by Canada Post (insert the name of the postal service in your location). … Read the rest

How to Write a Blog Review

If you’re ready to go forth and fearlessly give an honest review of another blog… you need a list to guide you along the way. It helps to have a plan with points which can guide you through the review. You don’t have to mention each point in your final written review but they keep you on track during the actual review.… Read the rest

Writing Content Contentedly

Being a freelance writer online is challenging. The biggest hurdles are copyrights and finding paying markets. Of course, that’s subject to change depending on what I’m working on at the time.

If you are a self publisher you will know all about fair use and copyrights. You’ve carefully borrowed content. You’ve asked almost everyone you know for a contribution to your ezine or newsletter.… Read the rest