Evidence of Giant People in Ontario History?

What, or who, were the giants, old or prehistoric skeletons found, which are at least seven feet tall? I’ve heard they were redheaded or blonde and described as white/ pale skinned by the native Indians who encountered them in their history. Could they have been Vikings, certainly we know Vikings did make it to (what … Read more

Science Deniers in the Modern Medieval Age

What is a science denier? These days it is anyone who does not agree with the general media about the covid vaxxination. However you want to debate all of that… the label of science denier is pure propaganda. Science should be questioned, it is meant to be questioned. Science is full of theories and hypotheses … Read more

Not Quite Being a Paranormal Writer

I applied for the Paranormal topic at About.com today. But, I tried 3 times over the afternoon, the site keeps giving me a 404 error when I send the application. So, for personal posterity, here is what I sent. Time travel, mad science, aliens, cryptozoology, the supernatural, lost worlds, the unexplained, weird science, history, and … Read more

Rubber Ducks are Spooky Too

The typical rubber duck is yellow, squeaky and cuddly (according to Sesame Street). Halloween rubber ducks look a little spooky. I’d expect some misbehaviour, some tricks and not so many treats. You may not want to take these rubber ducks into the bath tub with you. Sure they can swim around on the water but, … Read more

Creative Drawing and Journaling

Originally posted to SuiteU, part of Suite101. SuiteU is being removed from the site. I wanted to save the ecourses so this resource would not disappear. Drawing 101 By Joan Martine Murphy Introduction Most people would love to be able to draw what they see. Many people find enormous pleasure in the art of self-expression. … Read more

Fact Checking your Work of Fiction

I cannot say how strongly I object to people using other people’s writing as research. Research is non-fiction, especially for horror, fantasy, science fiction. Do not take your research from other people’s fiction. Just don’t. ¬†–¬†Laurell K. Hamilton Writing is writing, and stories are stories. Perhaps the only true genres are fiction and non-fiction. And … Read more

The Greatest Mistake

There are all kinds of theories about how the Universe was created, everything from God(s) to the Big Bang Theory. I don’t think it will ever be settled on in my own lifetime. Though I would like to know. In the meantime… what if it was all just some crazy mistake? Some “oops, I missed” … Read more

My Bloginality

My Bloginality is ENFP!!! I thought it was a cute idea. I’ve done it before but I think it was something that started with I last time. I’m posting the following here so I can find it when I want to do more than skim it later. If you’re also coming up as an ENFP … Read more