Upcycled Toilet Roll People Greeting Cards

These are created with marshmallows and candy, etc. But, I’d have more fun making them as a toilet roll version. An upcycled version with things from the recycling bin. I’m going to start saving finished toilet paper rolls and other bits and pieces and see what I can come up with. Everyone needs a project.

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Source: Marshmallow Snowmen Holiday Card Pack  : Amazon.ca

Room to Write

Think of one kind of annoying day to day kind of task which irritates you about writing. For me it is just making myself stop all the other hundred little things I could be doing and settle down to start the writing project. Or, I could say the most aggravating thing is having a ton of material/ articles/ drawings I have as inspiration and information but I seldom take the time to organize it so that any of it is actually being used.… Read the rest