Upcycled Toilet Roll People Greeting Cards

These are created with marshmallows and candy, etc. But, I’d have more fun making them as a toilet roll version. An upcycled version with things from the recycling bin. I’m going to start saving finished toilet paper rolls and other bits and pieces and see what I can come up with. Everyone needs a project.

Source: Marshmallow Snowmen Holiday Card Pack  : Amazon.ca

Keep Plants Instead of Pets

Get plant friendly.

Plants don’t destroy clothing or furniture, they don’t bite, drool or bark. You don’t need a bag to pick up their poop if you take them on a walk. You don’t need to take plants to the vet.

Plants can smell wonderful. You can eat some of them, if you choose. Plants are green, real living things, and stay right where you put them.… Read the rest

What to do with Broken Books

book drunkardBooks get broken. Some can be repaired. Some aren’t worth repairing but could be repurposed/ upcycled instead. Book art is nice to see but, I think it needs to be practical so we aren’t just creating clutter but something useful too.

I don’t have many hard cover books these days. I miss them.

When you buy a book now it’s either a paperback or a bigger sized paperback book.… Read the rest

Phone Books are for Tourists

It is a sad thing that we seldom use our phone books any more. At least, not for their intended purpose. With the Internet as a quick source for local information (like business addresses and phone numbers) the phone book has become a large recyclable object. Sometimes an effective doorstop, child booster seat or an especially thick phone book can be added to the wood burning in the fireplace (if you have one).… Read the rest

Toilet Roll Doll: Restore and Repurpose Dolls

Did Your Grandmother Have Dolls in her Bathroom?

I remember these from my Grandmother’s house, in the bathroom. She knitted her own from patterns that have disappeared along with most of her stuff after her death years ago. I don’t know how to knit (I learned to crochet on my own) but it would have been nice to have some of her old knitting patterns.… Read the rest

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose and Regift!

Regifting isn’t beloved by everyone. But, it makes sense in a world of reusing, recycling, reducing and repurposing. Why not find  a new home for a gift that did not suit you? Unless it’s a pretty odd ball gift there is a chance someone will think it is wonderful. Or, you can at least give it to a thrift shop to resell.… Read the rest

Room to Write

Think of one kind of annoying day to day kind of task which irritates you about writing. For me it is just making myself stop all the other hundred little things I could be doing and settle down to start the writing project. Or, I could say the most aggravating thing is having a ton of material/ articles/ drawings I have as inspiration and information but I seldom take the time to organize it so that any of it is actually being used.… Read the rest

Tagged: Seven Weird Things About Me

First, there isn’t anything weird about me. It can all be perfectly explained. There is a reason for everything and everything in it’s place. If there is something weird then it’s just your own point of view. That, or I meant to do that.

Designing Fairy has tagged me to find seven weird things about myself and then torment… I mean tag seven other blogfolk to do the same.… Read the rest