My Idea – Build A Lot More Gamification into Online Shopping

Why don’t stores, with online shopping, use more gamification? Games online use it, but they don’t have the merchandise to take it farther. I think an online shopping retail outlet, like Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Etsy, etc should combine with an existing game site. Or go on their own with a game developer of their choosing. … Read more

How to Build Your Own Writer’s Blog

This was originally published (by me) to EzineArticles. These are ideas you can use to make your site an asset to yourself, as a writer, and a resource to bring others to your site. Set up a blog on Blogger/ BlogSpot or WordPress. Pick a theme you can add a background and/ or header graphic … Read more

Add Gamification to your Site?

Have you heard about gamification. ¬†Adding badges and such to your site to get people using more parts of your site in order to earn rewards and work towards goals like badges for good attendance, most comments, etc. It’s likely you have already been on a site which uses this technique. What do you think … Read more