Never Seen Again, in Ontario?

The words “never seen again” are the creepiest phrase I’ve ever heard. They show up in childhood fantasy tales, as well as horror stories. So any story, fiction or fact, with those words haunts me. They are creepy and fascinating and a mystery usually not solved. I’ve heard stories, reports and tall tales about people never seen again. Often they don’t say where the story started from. A lot of these stories are based on at least one ages old urban legend. But, they’re still creepy. I turned on Tubi and watched a few episodes of Beyond Belief: Fact or … Read more

Speculative Fiction merging Non-fiction, History and Horror

Create a story, with some element of horror. An even that would give you nightmares, if it happened to you. Don’t start with a family photograph. I think that would be a bit creepy, for you and your family. Find an old photograph, black and white works well for the dramatic effect. Also, anyone in the photograph is likely no longer living, if it really is an old photo. Build a life for a person, or people, which could be real, but might not be. If you want to work on it, look into history for the local area. Find … Read more

Unending Cliffhangers in Canadian Science Fiction Television

Most of the Canadian science fiction television show I have ever watched end in cliffhangers which are never resolved because the show gets cancelled. You can find and watch them over and over again here and there but there will never be a real ending. Unending, never ending cliffhangers. Its not that I need a happy ending every time. But, an ending. Some kind of resolution. Something other than a cliffhanger. I can make up my own endings, but that isn’t the same. I still wonder what really happened versus what I choose to have happened. Starlost Starhunter Dark Matter … Read more

Will You Be Allowed to Vote?

Tomorrow is the Canadian federal election. I already voted, early. Tonight I’m wondering, in this new democracy where people are allowed to make one choice only, call it coerced, whatever word you like. Will this be our last election? First, I thought about future elections requiring a vaccine passport. Only those who have been vaccinated several times (with “the vaccine” not all those other vaccines, they just don’t count now) will be allowed to vote. But, then, why not take it a step farther and get rid of the political parties and candidates. Just admit Canada is no longer a … Read more

Making Much of a Dent

I don’t think anyone volunteers to be forgettable, or forgotten. Maybe in some fictional story, but fiction doesn’t count. But, just like we can’t know everything or meet and know every person (even just those alive while we are) we are going to be forgotten. It’s not something to make anyone feel particularly happy but, the good thing is, you won’t be here to know about it. I do think we are reincarnated. But, that isn’t the same as remembering who you were. If you are reincarnated a dozen times do you really want to remember all of them and … Read more

Fiction Genres

I keep finding new fiction genres and looking them up. Today I found this image which has a lot of them, sorted by genre into subgenres. It helps. But, there are others, (like technopunk , solarpunk, others I’m not remembering right now) sub-subgenres I guess. Source – Just Publishing Advice – Derek Haines

Something That Hasn’t Been Written About

People say everything has already been explored. They’re wrong of course. There are oceans (literally) of places yet to be explored. The deep ocean, outer space, microscopic things, the human brain, and probably others which I’m just not thinking of right now. With writing… I think it is much harder to find new places to explore in writing. Even the unexplored real places have been written about, in many ways, with many theories. Music is all based on a set amount of notes and yet there are millions of songs. Music also has genres and styles. I don’t write music … Read more

I Love a Good House

If my life had gone differently in my earlier years I think I would have become an architect. I love buildings and all the trimmings. I’m still trying to teach myself all the right names for the parts of buildings. I go out and take photos of old buildings, mainly derelict farm houses here in Ontario. I also like going to the main street of a small town or city and looking up. That’s where you see the fancy parts of old stores, homes and banks. Most of the old parts below have been renovated away. Maybe I never would … Read more

I Want a Vintage/ Antique Library Cart

First, you should know, they are far more expensive than you would expect. (I was surprised). A new cart is also very expensive, plus there will be some assembly required with almost all of them. I can do the assembly, but… I’d still rather have an old cart assembled by someone else long ago. I don’t mind some wear, authentic wear, not contrived to look worn and aged. Fake aging is too artificial. Besides, wouldn’t an old cart be much happier cleaned up and given a fresh coat of paint? I don’t want a sad cart. This one was on a … Read more

Digital Content Skills

This list comes from Contented: Nine digital content skills that open up many job opportunities Have you looked at any of the jobs/ careers mentioned below? Even fiction writers have gotten to work in non-fiction if they run their own sites, social media and anything else online. Consider putting some of your energy and skills into a different kind of paying job.  People who know how to write well for digital media — websites, intranets, social media, blogs, e-newsletters, search engines — have amazing career opportunities. Many jobs now demand digital content skills: corporate communications, technical communications, web writing, journalism, advertising, publishing, … Read more