Never Seen Again, in Ontario?

The words “never seen again” are the creepiest phrase I’ve ever heard. They show up in childhood fantasy tales, as well as horror stories. So any story, fiction or fact, with those words haunts me. They are creepy and fascinating and a mystery usually not solved. I’ve heard stories, reports and tall tales about people … Read more

Attack Kittens

Attack kittens. I gave my nephew a shirt with a kitten like a fire breathing dragon attacking a city. I found these as shirts at Amazon. Little monster kittens like King Kong and the Kracken. The Mountain Krakitten Adult T-Shirt, Grey, Small The Mountain Men’s King Kitten, Gray, Small Fun, but not very affordable. Why … Read more

Fantastic Maps

Fantastic Maps – Fantasy maps and mapmaking tutorials by Jonathan Roberts: I’m a professional fantasy mapmaker posting tutorials on how to draw maps, free map resources, and my published work.

My Current Blogroll

This is my current blogroll of writing links from WordGrrls. There are doubles because I re-add links fairly often. So far I haven’t found something which lets me know I already have a link on my blogroll. I also need to make time to check them for link rot. They should be fairly ok though. … Read more

Resources for Horror Writers on the Web

The Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA)  Cafe Doom  Dark   Fiona’s Fear and Loathing  Hellnotes   Horror Tree  Horror Writers Association  International Horror Guild   Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror This list comes from the dmoz directory. I’m an editor there.

Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Authors I Have Liked

This post is a place to share the books and authors I really have enjoyed. I follow most of these writers on Twitter as well. I like to see how their writing routine works – when they’re actually writing and not just talking to hopeful writers. I also hear about what they are working on … Read more

Slipstream Poetry

Slipstream poetry has been referred to as the, “fiction of strangeness”. Slipstream poetry crosses boundaries and leaves you feeling very odd, but in a good way. Most slipstream poetry contains some form of a science fiction or fantasy theme. The term ‘slipstream’ was coined by Bruce Sterling back in 1989, but it’s really starting to … Read more