What is the Best White Elephant Gift?

Do you know what a white elephant is?

A white elephant is something you’d like to get rid of, its not useful and usually too expensive to use or keep. People sometimes have white elephant gift exchanges, like re-gifting, presents they have been given and would like to get rid of, graciously. The idea is to try finding someone who will love, or at least like, the extravagant, and not useful to most people, gift.… Read the rest

Imagine the Long, Lost Journal Found

What does a journal look like? If you found the long, lost journal of long dead explorer, what would you expect it to look like? I see it as leather, beat up, dark cover and dirty, weather beaten held together with string or something else found along the way. What if it were the journal of a dentist?… Read the rest

Exercise with Writing Themes

From Writing Forward: Three Fiction Writing Exercises

How do you start writing a new story? What is the original idea that germinates into a story? For me it tends to be the theme or some small idea that becomes part of a larger plot. I like this writing exercise because it’s how things start for me, most of the time.… Read the rest

Dear Diary: Inspiration for Journal Writers

What inspires you to journal, write something personal about your life? People tend to write about the bigger events in their lives. But, when you actually read your old journal entries, the best are those written about an ordinary kind of day. Or a catch up entry which helps you remember everything that was happening at that time in your life.… Read the rest

Horror Stories for Short Attention Spans

I wrote Fairy Tales for Short Attention Spans, now I’m working on Horror Stories for Short Attention Spans cause it’s good to make your brain work in different directions.

Write something short and twisted and horrifyingly spooky. Keep it to the length of just one paragraph with a beginning, middle and an ending.

Jack was exploring an old, derelict mansion, creating a photo documentary.

Read the rest

A Ghost Book

I read about, Miranda, the ghost girl, about 30 years ago. I tried to remember who wrote the book, and the story, for years. Then I found it online.

I even ordered the book again and re-read it. But, it wasn’t the same as reading it when I was a younger person. I liked it, but it didn’t intrigue me as much.… Read the rest