Does Penmanship Still Count?

We type on the keyboard and now and then pick up a pen for a quick note. Not so long ago we were more likely to hand write than pull out a typewriter to bang out a note on that keyboard. Older typewriters require some force behind fingers.

I miss hand writing. I keep noticing how much less controlled and sloppy looking my handwriting is becoming.… Read the rest

Write a Letter about Yourself

Look back on your year, from the end of last October to the nearing of the end of this October. In some spiritual beliefs this time of the year is about looking back, reflecting on the past and finding fresh inspiration for the future.

Write yourself a short letter. You could even try writing it in long hand if your penmanship hasn’t become too rusty from using the computer keyboard.… Read the rest

Writing Nostalgia

There isn’t much talk about writer’s cramp any more. Writer’s block is still around but the crampiness is becoming a thing of the past.

I wonder what writers, of the feather pen era, thought about when those newfangled typewriters came along? What changed for them, if they took up the new technology? What special skills were lost as the typewriter grew in popularity?… Read the rest

I Don’t Feel Like Writing

I don’t feel like writing cause my bra strap is too tight. I don’t feel like writing cause I’m not in the mood. I don’t feel like writing cause I’m too tired. I don’t feel like writing cause I don’t have anything really brilliant to say today. I don’t feel like writing cause my typing is worse than my penmanship tonight.… Read the rest