Arranged Marriages via Online Dating?

Not so long ago young women of my generation were thinking how awful an arranged marriage would be. Marrying (or even dating) someone chosen for you by someone else. A blind date with the expectations of changing your life for you.

Now we give this power to online dating sites. Match us up with their algorithms and theory of personalities and data of interests… is it really any different than an arranged marriage?… Read the rest

Invisible Desk Merit Badge for Writers

invisideskIf you were able to see the top of my desk you would consider me a great candidate for Hoarders, the TV show.

I have various pens, a highlighter, one still unused straw in it’s paper wrapper, the USB cable for my digital camera, the battery charger for the digital camera, a Christmas angel, hand sanitizer, a chocolate truffle recipe, tiny flower beads, travel sized toothpaste, a pink shoe key chain, a few business cards, a few bits of sparkly glass/crystals/rhinestones, a few colours of thread, poppies from Remembrance Day, a bookmark, one necklace with a polished jasper rock, face cream, vitamins, Midol, hair clips, coupons, Chinese cookie fortunes, 2 packages of buttons to be sewn on, scissors, vanilla lip balm, computer games I played and did not put away (yet), an elastic from the newspaper, 2 small Bratz dolls, one pink ribbon, my extra glasses case, USB ports, my hair brush, paper I have scribbled notes and drawings on, a rock I liked and other assorted debris, flotsam and jetsam.… Read the rest

When Dust Bunnies Attack Your Computer!

It’s a regular kind of morning, you’ve made your coffee and you sit in front of the computer. You’ll probably check email first or just check email before you get ready for work. But, when you turn it on… you get a massive disk error and the only sounds in the room are your own bated breaths and the ominous clicking coming from inside your computer tower/ case.… Read the rest

Dragging a Corpse Around for Fun

I give the impression of a living person quite well. But I’m actually brain dead. I picked up something not very nice from my little nieces when babysitting and helping with the birthday for the 4 year old on the weekend. Now the back of my head is sliding down my neck, or I wish it would so I could get rid of this dragging head ache.… Read the rest