How Honest is your Review?

I don’t especially like writing reviews. They are tricky. I don’t like to be negative or critical, it makes me feel petty. But, a review needs honesty – otherwise it isn’t worth much at all.
Amazon’s lawyers are willing to go after anyone making money from writing reviews, no matter how small that “business” may be.
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The Kitchen Orange Tree

You wake up and come into the kitchen to start coffee and see what you want to throw together for breakfast. There’s a huge orange tree growing up through your kitchen floor. Some of your plates, cups and cooking pots are hooked through the branches. At least you have all the oranges you could want. The oranges taste great and make really amazing orange juice when you squeeze them.… Read the rest

Garden Turned Upside Down

Climate changes make it possible to grow coffee plants in Canada and the northern US. In Mexico they start growing tulips cause now they have a cold enough season in winter. Everything is topsey turvey with the weather and seasons.

What kind of garden would you grow if the climate in your area was turned upside down?… Read the rest

Keeping Down the Leprechauns

You finally catch that snickering little leprechaun. This time he won’t be getting away. He’s caught in a small steel cage and you’ve even got it on wheels so you can just tow him along wherever you go. He’s not liking it. But that just makes you feel better after listening to him laughing at you all these past months.… Read the rest

All Your Coffee and More!

You inherit a coffee plantation in Argentina. It’s great! You can finally have all the coffee you can drink. The coffee is good too.

Also, the employees are pretty… nice to watch. All men, all young men… all shirtless young men with the muscles and good looks to make you glad you have good eyesight. But, the binoculars were a good idea too.… Read the rest

Ducks in the Pond

Ducks are evil minions. You’ve just added the finishing touch to your backyard pond… the goldfish. You watch them swim around a bit and then go inside to make coffee and admire your pond from the kitchen window. It gets dark and you go to bed eventually.

In the morning as you are puttering around in the kitchen you notice several wild ducks in your pond.… Read the rest