Hello From LiveJournal

Hello again LiveJournal and LiveJournal people. I have just (yesterday afternoon) gotten home from giving up my home so my Mom and brother could have time self quarantined after coming back from the US. I was away a month, mostly because my niece and I like working, cooking and having some fun together. I stayed at my sister’s house.… Read the rest

Another Day Another $0.0000001

The biggest frustration about web publishing with the hope of making money is really understanding you are not omnipotent.

Yet, I am still determined to do it all myself. Mainly because I want to do it all my way. Secondly, because I can’t pay anyone to help me. Thirdly, I don’t have the prestige to get “interns” to work for free.… Read the rest

The Wonders of the Human Body Over 50

I sprained my ankle. I spent the day at home, I didn’t do anything more than sit at my desk, writing and making dinner, etc. Nothing strenuous and no accidents. At some point I noticed my foot was sore. After spending time playing cards with my Mom I had to gimp around because my ankle was severely unhappy every time my foot moved.… Read the rest

LiveJournal for Content Curation?

Semagic is working.

LiveJournal doesn’t have categories for niche topics but the tags will work. I’m going to see how LJ will work for me as a hub for content curation. I’ve got my own sites but they don’t cover everything that catches my interest. Especially as my interest tends to wander around a lot. Maybe I can move a lot of my efforts from Scoop.it… Read the rest

Another Summery Day

It’s been awhile since I posted here. I haven’t entirely forgotten LiveJournal but I have a few other sites I’m writing for, my own and a couple for a friend. Since the advent of social media, or since social media became something more than a chatty thing, there isn’t enough time to fit everything and every site in.… Read the rest

Revamping HerCorner

Here is what I’m working with, so far. http://www.hercorner.com/index2.shtml There are a few things missing. You can see the before and after by looking at the old page which is up at http://www.hercorner.com/

The new template will make navigation and the overall look of the site so much better. But, things are slow at HerPlanet now.… Read the rest

Getting Started

I’ve been missing my blog, being able to post all my raggedy thoughts and links. So here I am.

Now, of course, I have nothing to post really. But, as an introduction…

I’m a freelance writer. I write columns for BackWash, online. If you’re dying of curiousity, or just addicted to URLs (I am) you can visit BackWash (site is closed).… Read the rest