Invasive Reed Across Ontario

I keep forgetting the name for this plant. I hear about it often and see it far more often than I’d like to. Any place we used to have bulrushes and cattails, there are now phargmites instead. I almost applaud the few times I still see cattails. I’ve heard this is a very hard plant to get rid of, even if there are only a few.… Read the rest

Famous Women Gardeners

Famous Women Gardeners
By Gay Klok



You may have heard of the first two but not have heard of the last two ladies. During the next weeks we will learn how these five women had an enormous influence on our modern-day gardens and I hope to open to you, with discussions and suggested readings, their fascinating gardening world and interesting lives.… Read the rest

Google Image Result for

I had no idea there was a stinking version. This is the first of my favourite spring flowers to bloom. Won’t be so much longer now. I hope the new plantings I did last year all survived. Really looking forward to this more than a lot of other things. 🙂

Getting Organized and Spring Cleaning

It’s not quite Spring yet it seems every magazine I pick up is talking about clutter and getting organized. Just too early for Spring cleaning. Or do they think we are a bunch of slobs?

The best way to make yourself organize stuff is to have a major life change and move. Once you start packing it all into boxes and hauling it around you get to see just how much stuff you really have.… Read the rest