Make Space for Yourself in Your Life – Get Rid of Too Much Stuff

Moderation in all things, is still great advice, if you can stick to it. We are spoiled for choice. So many options, so many choices, and it ends up filling up our lives with stuff we don’t really need or use, or even want. But, it gets hard to make a decision about what to keep and what to do once we manage to make a decision.… Read the rest

Rockhounds in Ontario and Canada

A rockhound is an amateur geologist or collector of rocks, minerals and gemstones. It’s not always about the value or selling them. Not for me. I like the history of rocks. Such ancient things, far older than even the oldest of trees. Eroded by time and the elements (mostly water) found on and under land, sea and space, small enough to fit into a pocket or far too massive to consider moving at all.… Read the rest

My Bone China Posies

I took a few pictures of my posie bowls tonight. Just messing around with settings on the camera mostly. Here are two of the results. These are my china posy bowls, which I would really like to find more (non-chipped) ones once I have disposable income again.

I don’t know the right spelling for posie/posey/posy?

What Great Treasure do you Hoard?

For people who collect clutter… I mean silver spoons, teapots, matchbooks, postcards, books and other assorted junk… I mean treasures.

My personal treasure trove contains international postcards, oldish Canadian coins, books, newspaper and magazine clippings, posy china bowls and whatever else has slipped my mind at the moment.

Everyone seems to collect something.

Floral Posey Bone China Bowls

These trilliums came up on EBay last year. I would have loved them. I even thought about making a bid. Reality checked in though and I just kept the photo of them instead. Someday I will find them when I can spend money on getting them.

I have a few of the posey/posie bowls now. Some from old Aunts and some from abandoned houses, etc.… Read the rest