Have a Vibrant, Creative Blog with Simple Art you can Make Yourself

A blog needs to be visually appealing to stand out, attract and keep readers. The content, navigation and spelling alone don’t get noticed in that quick, first impression. Illustrations get noticed right away. Of course, not everyone is an artist. Not everyone can draw or take time to learn to use graphic software. So most people borrow photographs and other images from other sites and people. Mostly everyone does it… kind of expected… even standard and sort of boring. Some of the images really have nothing to do with the post they are attached to. The image is just there … Read more

I Used to Write The Busy Person’s Guide to ASCII Art

This is what is left on the site, other than some links to other sites. I wrote a newsletter for this site but I didn’t think (at the time) to keep any copies of them. Wish I had! I can remember thinking of good ideas to write about but not what the actual ideas were any more. Now and then I try to find the newsletters, somehow. But, they are gone, just sent as email and not posted to the Internet. I’m not sure what year this would have been. Probably the early 2000’s. Meet Your ASCII Art WZ-ard: Laura … Read more

Disney Steampunk

I tried to find who had done these but kept getting from one site to the next without getting anywhere. But then I got lucky… see more work by Zuthell on Deviant Art.

Roses in the Rain

Found this on Mineral Spirit Poisoning. Creamy off-white roses are always good. I love the colours in this, the green just makes it perfect. To me they look like roses in a window as seen from outside in the rain.

Chrome Daisy

There’s a Lady Gaga theme on Facebook games ( a few of them) now. I had never heard of her until my Mom came back from Florida and was talking about her last year. Mom likes to was the American Idol show and Lady Gaga was on there as well. She’s younger than I thought. Anyway, I liked the idea of shiny, chrome daisies when I saw them come up with the new stuff on Facebook. Daisies are nice in all kinds of designs. I especially like them done in blue and white. Chrome would be pretty too, more glamorous … Read more