Upcycled Toilet Roll People Greeting Cards

These are created with marshmallows and candy, etc. But, I’d have more fun making them as a toilet roll version. An upcycled version with things from the recycling bin. I’m going to start saving finished toilet paper rolls and other bits and pieces and see what I can come up with. Everyone needs a project. Source: Marshmallow Snowmen Holiday Card Pack  : Amazon.ca

Tom Carter – Art from Vancouver

Tom Carter, artist, Vancouver, BC. His style reminds me of the old postcards, hand drawn looking with that sort of range of colours. I would call it muted, for lack of a better word. They look like something you could find (if you were lucky) in a thrift shop, a little time worn and dated but a treasure still. Tom Carter Gallery Tom Carter Artist on Facebook I made screenshots of two of his set of Christmas cards, posted to Facebook, this year. I am far too late to order a set of cards. If I can afford a set, … Read more

Have a Vibrant, Creative Blog with Simple Art you can Make Yourself

A blog needs to be visually appealing to stand out, attract and keep readers. The content, navigation and spelling alone don’t get noticed in that quick, first impression. Illustrations get noticed right away. Of course, not everyone is an artist. Not everyone can draw or take time to learn to use graphic software. So most people borrow photographs and other images from other sites and people. Mostly everyone does it… kind of expected… even standard and sort of boring. Some of the images really have nothing to do with the post they are attached to. The image is just there … Read more

Different Copyrights to Consider for Your Photography

I haven’t heard of all of these, so I expect some will be news to other photographers too. This matters especially when you are selling your photographs. If you are writing out something about the rights people have with your photos, these would be good terms to know. Photos have copyrights assigned to them and you need to make sure you’re following the laws. Here are some things to consider: Editorial Use: the right to use in blogs, websites, magazines, newspapers, etc. Commercial Use: Can be used to market products/services. Retail Use: Can be used to create and sell physical … Read more

I Used to Write The Busy Person’s Guide to ASCII Art

This is what is left on the site, other than some links to other sites. I wrote a newsletter for this site but I didn’t think (at the time) to keep any copies of them. Wish I had! I can remember thinking of good ideas to write about but not what the actual ideas were any more. Now and then I try to find the newsletters, somehow. But, they are gone, just sent as email and not posted to the Internet. I’m not sure what year this would have been. Probably the early 2000’s. Meet Your ASCII Art WZ-ard: Laura … Read more

Ghostly Sighs in Cemteries

I don’t know if ghosts hang around cemeteries. I would think not. If you were deceased, there would be better places you could spend your time, if you were hanging around. But this illustration caught my attention today. Maybe a ghost would be sad, just about being not alive and not feel like being among the living. There have been stories about jealous ghosts, those jealous of the living. Not for any particular thing just the fact of being alive at all. So, ghosts might hang around cemeteries and graveyards. Maybe they would find friends there, those they had known … Read more

The Camera as a Divining Rod

I found this description on a site, Worksongs (now 404) by Andrew Emond. I had just been talking to my nephew yesterday about that feeling of talking photographs without looking at every detail not relevant to the photograph. While I’m photographing, my mind goes into a different place. I’m seeing everything as light, shadow, angles, clear versus blurred, and so on. I don’t catch the words on a gravestone but I see that they will (or won’t) turn out clearly enough to read in the photograph. I walk around to find the angle that catches the mood, without taking the … Read more

The Drama and Dilemmas of Posting Photographs Online

I did not know, or really think about, all the drama with the technology of adding images to a website. I started by adding several photographs I had taken from one location. Then I thought it would be a good idea to add a watermark. Not so much about copyrights and theft but to at least give my name and website link so people could know I took the photo and find more of my photos. Somewhat keeping credit on the photo but also to build traffic and maybe in some other year consider selling photos or making a calendar … Read more

Rephotography of Historical Sites

This is a guide to rephotography which I found online a few years ago. Now the link is down and I can’t find a new link for it. So I am saving some of it here.The photographs which were on the site are not working now, when I view it with the Wayback Machine. AN INTRODUCTION TO DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY A GUIDE AND FIELD HANDBOOK Gerald T. Davidson 4. Rephotography of Historical Sites Rephotography evolved into a distinct discipline of history and environmental studies during the second half of the 20th century, as old photographs were rediscovered and people began to … Read more

Killing Art for Politics

Demolishing art (and architecture) bothers me. The history does not go away, but the art does. Losing art and architecture due to changing politics is not a good thing. How will people in the future understand the past if it is all whitewashed? In a letter to the Mayoral Advisory Commission on City Art, Monuments, and Markers, the signatories advocate for the removal of monuments to Christopher Columbus, J. Marion Sims, and Teddy Roosevelt. Source: Over 120 Prominent Artists and Scholars Call on NYC to Take Down Racist Monuments