Upcycled Toilet Roll People Greeting Cards

These are created with marshmallows and candy, etc. But, I’d have more fun making them as a toilet roll version. An upcycled version with things from the recycling bin. I’m going to start saving finished toilet paper rolls and other bits and pieces and see what I can come up with. Everyone needs a project.

51AMtaiZJYL. AC SX425

Source: Marshmallow Snowmen Holiday Card Pack  : Amazon.ca

Have a Vibrant, Creative Blog with Simple Art you can Make Yourself

asciiartistA blog needs to be visually appealing to stand out, attract and keep readers. The content, navigation and spelling alone don’t get noticed in that quick, first impression. Illustrations get noticed right away.

Of course, not everyone is an artist. Not everyone can draw or take time to learn to use graphic software. So most people borrow photographs and other images from other sites and people.… Read the rest

Different Copyrights to Consider for Your Photography

I haven’t heard of all of these, so I expect some will be news to other photographers too. This matters especially when you are selling your photographs. If you are writing out something about the rights people have with your photos, these would be good terms to know.

Photos have copyrights assigned to them and you need to make sure you’re following the laws.

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Z is for Zombie


ASCII art posted for the A to Z Challenge. I don’t think it really looks like a zombie, but I gave it a try. He’s carrying a monkey head, for the brain, of course.

Y is for Year


ASCII art posted for the A to Z Challenge.

No, there isn’t a Year of the Mouse really. I just liked it as a title when I created this image.

I’m Year of the Dragon, the only fictional creature in Chinese astrology.

X is for Xmas

ASCII art posted for the A to Z Challenge.

This is my first ASCII art scene created for Christmas, 1999. Nice to have a reason to post it again. Seasons Greetings – whatever the season it happens to be.