Canadian Writer Links from the old dmoz

  Alberta Playwrights Network   APN is a non-profit, provincial arts service organization and registered charity dedicated to fostering playwriting in Alberta.   Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society   Events, membership details, newsletter, and subscription information. Based in Calgary, Alberta.   Asian Canadian Journalists Association   Formed in 2010. Located in Vancouver, BC.   Asian Canadian … Read more

My Current Blogroll

This is my current blogroll of writing links from WordGrrls. There are doubles because I re-add links fairly often. So far I haven’t found something which lets me know I already have a link on my blogroll. I also need to make time to check them for link rot. They should be fairly ok though. … Read more

Resources for Horror Writers on the Web

The Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA)  Cafe Doom  Dark   Fiona’s Fear and Loathing  Hellnotes   Horror Tree  Horror Writers Association  International Horror Guild   Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror This list comes from the dmoz directory. I’m an editor there.

Individual Bloggers Need Their Own Niche

Top 5 Ways to Master Online Content 1. Optimize, Not Compromise Content farms are so obsessed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that they prioritize search terms within content over logical narrative. Worry less about how Google indexes, and focus on delivering great information about potential keywords. 5. Find Your Niche Being an expert at one … Read more

Blog Security

Procrastinating Writers wrote about being hacked and so could you… but wouldn’t you rather avoid getting into that situation? Essentially… Be prepared by having a back up of your content. Keep your files, blog posts, comments and images in a back up so you can easily get everything back online whether you are hacked, have … Read more

How to Write Your Own Advice Column

Writing an advice column sounds fun and easy. Until you think about being responsible for the thoughts and actions of the person who takes your advice. Then it gets a little scary. None of us are omnipotent, all knowing. After all, how often do you take your own advice? If you want to be an … Read more