Typographic Decay

Flickr: Typographic Decay About Typographic Decay “An investigation of what happens to typography, when it’s given a fixed ephemeral existence and allowed to interact with its environment.” The photos being shown in this group are a collection of individual explorations, and naturally found occurrences in both digital and analogue mediums that attempt to explore this … Read more

Vintage, Found and Hand Drawn Typography

I wrote a post for Word Grrls today about typography. At least that was how it started. Soon I discovered more about old lettering, found lettering and hand drawn lettering. Also, ghost signs, which have been a long time interest along with urban and rural exploration. So here are the links, reposted from the Word … Read more

What do you Know about Typography?

Dzineblog has a post about trends in web design. One of the elements they write about, twice actually, is typography. What do you know about it? I Love Typography: A Guide to Web Typography The Font Feed: Erik Spiekermann’s Typo Tips A List Apart: On Web Typography Smashing Magazine: 10 Principles for Readable Web Typography … Read more

Pictures for Word Spinners

A writer can be more than the words they spin. Ever thought of drawing something to go with your writing? Or taking a photograph to go with your article? Or even backwards, creating words to go with your drawings, like a comic? Scanning pictures, drawings or photographs into your journal or blog? Sometimes a picture … Read more