A Haunted Tunnel in Ontario?

I haven’t seen this tunnel myself and I’m skeptical about anything being haunted. Still, having a history like this isn’t going to leave a place unmarked, or unremarked upon. Any old train tunnel is going to be dark and too many are unused these days. Not all of them have children crushed by rocks and … Read more

Kevin McElheran’s Abandoned Church Photo

I tried to find the photographer, Kevin McElheran online. No luck, just more abandoned or broken links. I did find a description which was posted with another copy of the same photo, on two other sites. So, some background information about how the photo was taken. But, I still don’t know what happened to Kevin … Read more

Ottawa’s Old Train Station

Bhat Boy’s exhibition, called the Old Train Station, featuring scenes from Ottawa’s original train station downtown [was] showcased at the Orange Art Gallery. “One of the things that really interested me is that the old train station was the hub of industrial Ottawa before it became a government town,” Bhat Boy said in an interview. … Read more

What is a Vagabond?

Historically, vagabonds were pretty tough, anti-establishment characters who lived as homeless drifters by choice. Modern vagabonds tend to be people who live off the grid or those who travel the world from out of a backpack. Traditionally a vagabond is a person who wanders from one place to another, with no real home of their … Read more

Could you be a Full-Time Lead Writer?

DashBurst – a social media magazine, design agency and technology startup – is looking to add a full-time writer to its staff. Since launching our blog two months ago, DashBurst is now one of the top 50,000 sites on the web with a rapidly growing community of over 250,000 subscribers. DashBurst is a go-to source … Read more

An Igloo of Love

On the left side of the page, list tangible nouns: house, garden, train, truck, tree… On the right side of the page, list abstract/ intangible nouns: trust, peace, misery, dreams… Now combine them in a phrase like this:  A ____ of ______. Play around, create interesting phrases and some new cliches. Some will be silly, … Read more