I Used to Write on BackWash Kids

If you also wrote for (with) the BackWash community network of writers/ columnists join us for a BackWash reunion. Here is the content from the post above. In text for those who can’t read it from the screen captured image above. Spin your Thoughts with a Journal Do you keep a journal? Sometimes its called … Read more

Magazine Writing

Originally part of the Suite101 University ecourses offered for free. This content is being removed by Suite101. I wanted to keep it active and useful for myself and others.

Magazine Writing

By Lisa-Anne Sanderson



If you’ve always had an ambition to write, freelance writing for magazines is an excellent place to start. Writing non-fiction articles can be a fun and lucrative hobby, or an interesting way to earn a living. The rise of technology provides writers with the freedom to work at home, another big advantage. The Internet is a wonderful way of doing research, and emails and faxes provide the convenience of being able to send articles straight from home, although some magazine editors still require them to be posted.

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This was originally part of the Suite101 University ecourses. They are all being taken down from the site, sometime soon. I have preserved some because they are worth keeping. It seems a shame to lose something which has value and had so much effort put into it’s creation. E-Publishing By Dawn Whitmire Introduction “Catch the Wave … Read more

Packaging a Presentation

What’s in your package? Do you have: business cards stationery brochure media kit website professional clothes and an office? Plus, of course, your work itself. All organized in clips, articles, or the books themselves (depending on which medium you use). Do you have a package? Of course, we all have a package to present to … Read more