A Project to Document Ghost Signs in London, UK

Sam Roberts (Ghostsigns UK) and Roy Reed are looking for funding to complete their project, documenting London, England’s ghost signs. For a pledge of $77 Canadian you can get a copy of the book sent to you. They expect to have it ready to mail out by Christmas this year, 2021.  You can also just … Read more

How to Locate a Ghost Hunting Tour Group

Ghost walks (or ghost tours) are guided tours where guests are shown the haunted history of an area or a location. Ghost tours cater to tourists and are not meant to be as frightening or taken as seriously as an actual ghost hunting would be. If you want the reality of a ghost hunt you … Read more

ODP .sig Code

E+F+D+++++XDN+++G++Q+++++L?A+++HW-O++BC-T++IS-Krg Saved for posterity. Most of the links don’t go very far. ODP .sig Code This little code originated in a forum thread back in late 2002. We have both an encoder (provided by jtaylorj) and a decoder (provided by ciaran)! The following explanatory blurb is ripped off from the geek code. Make the appropriate … Read more

Home Staging as a Career

Home staging also known as home redesigning and real estate enhancement is about setting up a home to appeal to real estate buyers. The home staging service can be used by home builders, real estate agents or the individual home owner. Home staging is like public relations for the home selling market. Home staging plays … Read more

What do you Know about Typography?

Dzineblog has a post about trends in web design. One of the elements they write about, twice actually, is typography. What do you know about it? I Love Typography: A Guide to Web Typography The Font Feed: Erik Spiekermann’s Typo Tips A List Apart: On Web Typography Smashing Magazine: 10 Principles for Readable Web Typography … Read more

Visual Merchandising: Window Display Artist

I like to look at interesting jobs in the arts/ crafts area. So many unique and interesting jobs we just never hear about or never stop to think that someone actually does that and gets paid for it! Have you thought about being the person who creates window displays before? I have. Even back in … Read more