Satire in One Sentence

If the soup was as warm as the wine, if the wine was as old as the turkey, if the turkey had breasts like the maid, it would have been a fine dinner.  – Duncan Hines was a U.S. pioneer of restaurant ratings for travelers. He is best known today for the brand of food … Read more

My Friends are 85.19% Normal

  Popular interests among thatgrrlca’s friends 1. reading (8) 11. cooking (4) 2. music (7) 12. sensuality (4) 3. books (7) 13. satire (4) 4. photography (6) 14. art (4) 5. writing (6) 15. lipstick feminists (3) 6. sex (5) 16. open-mindedness (3) 7. coffee (5) 17. philosophy (3) 8. dancing (5) 18. seduction (3) … Read more

Too Much Journalling

Why does any one person need or have so many blogs and journals? I don’t know, don’t even ask me. I’m cold tonight. It’s like all my ghosts are standing behind me blowing, soft chilling breaths down the bacl of my neck. They are there, ghosts I mean. Not spooky, white sheets. All the ghosts. … Read more