Cleaning Up Your Website For Yourself and Readers

I routinely get rid of plugins and themes I’m not using. At this point I only use GeneratePress, so dealing with themes is as simple as not doing anything, I just have one theme and it updates itself.

If you have found one theme you like working with, get rid of the rest. Including the WordPress default themes.… Read the rest

Canadian Writer Links from the old dmoz



APN is a non-profit, provincial arts service organization and registered charity dedicated to fostering playwriting in Alberta.



Events, membership details, newsletter, and subscription information. Based in Calgary, Alberta.



Formed in 2010. Located in Vancouver, BC.



A not for profit organization governed by a volunteer board and executive team.
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Another Day Another $0.0000001

The biggest frustration about web publishing with the hope of making money is really understanding you are not omnipotent.

Yet, I am still determined to do it all myself. Mainly because I want to do it all my way. Secondly, because I can’t pay anyone to help me. Thirdly, I don’t have the prestige to get “interns” to work for free.… Read the rest

Gallery is Uploaded

I have my gallery up. It’s a mess, lots of duplicated images. I will get to work on tidying it up and more importantly, re-doing images for size. Now I can really see how they didn’t work when I tried CafePress, Zazzle, etc. I’m going to work on creating my art in bigger sizes, dimensionally and artistically.… Read the rest

LiveJournal for Content Curation?

Semagic is working.

LiveJournal doesn’t have categories for niche topics but the tags will work. I’m going to see how LJ will work for me as a hub for content curation. I’ve got my own sites but they don’t cover everything that catches my interest. Especially as my interest tends to wander around a lot. Maybe I can move a lot of my efforts from… Read the rest

Manage Your WordPress Tags with Strictly Auto Tags

First, download the Strictly Auto Tags plugin.

You can do a lot to get started with the free plugin on WordPress. But, if you really want to manage your tags better, and maintain them, the paid plugin gives extra features and options. Please donate, even if you use the free plugin. Plugin developers need love (and coffee) too.Read the rest

Write your own Christmas Newsletter

ascii art angelI admit I don’t write and send a Christmas newsletter every year. Often I have it started, get it written, find the art to put inside and then I don’t get it mailed in time. Or, I get stalled out somewhere along the way. So, the best I do is send Christmas cards and try not to feel bad about not getting the newsletter finished and mailed out in time.… Read the rest

Zine Making

Have you ever put together a zine? Do you even know what a zine is?

A zine should be creative with art too. Maybe some fiction or cartoon drawings. Personal essays and rants and artistic commentary all belong in a wide variety of zines I have seen and admired.

If you were going to take on the experiment of publishing your own zine, what would you make it?… Read the rest