What is the Best White Elephant Gift?

Do you know what a white elephant is?

A white elephant is something you’d like to get rid of, its not useful and usually too expensive to use or keep. People sometimes have white elephant gift exchanges, like re-gifting, presents they have been given and would like to get rid of, graciously. The idea is to try finding someone who will love, or at least like, the extravagant, and not useful to most people, gift.… Read the rest

More Quotes for Women

Women are adaptable to what the man presents to her. If he presents affection she presents affection. If he presents anger then that is what she gives back. And if he present stupidity, then she adapts to the fact that she has to do the thinking for the both of them.
— Tina Cleland

If men can run the world, why can’t they stop wearing neckties?… Read the rest