Don’t Lose Your Poppy Pin Before Remembrance Day

I buy at least one poppy pin from the Canadian Legion boxes or the people standing at the door of the grocery store, every year. I like the pin itself and I like supporting the Legion. The real problem is keeping the pins on. Also, not getting stuck by that long pin several times a day.… Read the rest

Remembering Animals on Remembrance Day

Why isn’t this a horse rather than a dog? Is this really about animals or something for self-indulgent pet owners? I’m sure there were far more horses used in wars than dogs.

If it is for the pets… why are they always dogs?

I hope everyone wearing a purple poppy is also wearing at least one red poppy, for the humans lost to the wars.… Read the rest

Repurpose Vintage Denim: Make a Fancy Denim Purse

A denim purse has great looks, great style and does great when it comes to wear and tear. Wouldn’t you like a denim purse, backpack, book bag, or some other denim purse sort of thing for yourself?

Almost every purse or backpack I have bought myself has been denim. My Mother made me a denim purse when I was a high school kid too.… Read the rest

Crochet a Poppy Pin

For some inspiration you could start with a look at the Red Poppy group on Flickr, mostly real flowers rather than designs or art/ crafts. But, there are different shades of red with poppies, some are pink and white too. You might decide to make a batch of flowers in all shades of colour.

Maggie’s Crochet has one of my favourite crochet poppies.… Read the rest

Red Poppy in Rememberance

In Canada it’s Remembrance Day today. Draw a poppy as a memorial. It doesn’t have to be good, it’s just a tribute to real people after all, not intended to be perfect. If you have a red crayon, pencil or pen fill in the colour too. Now you have your own personal poppy you can pin to your jacket today instead of those factory issue flowers everyone else is wearing.… Read the rest