How to Be Someone’s Secret Admirer on Valentine’s Day

Could you… Should you… Be a Secret Admirer?

You might want to be a secret admirer because you like someone or you might do it to perk up someone who has been alone awhile or feels left out. Be careful, either way. It’s fun to have the mystery of a secret admirer but it can backfire.… Read the rest

Slipstream Poetry

Slipstream poetry has been referred to as the, “fiction of strangeness”. Slipstream poetry crosses boundaries and leaves you feeling very odd, but in a good way. Most slipstream poetry contains some form of a science fiction or fantasy theme. The term ‘slipstream’ was coined by Bruce Sterling back in 1989, but it’s really starting to gain popularity now.

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Are Workshops Any Good?

Are Workshops Any Good? – Reprinted from the WordCraft newsletter on

If you can find the right Workshop group, it can be invaluable. These are people who care about you. They are people who want you to succeed. They are people who will honestly tell you what you have done well and what needs improvement.… Read the rest