Rubber Ducks are Spooky Too

The typical rubber duck is yellow, squeaky and cuddly (according to Sesame Street). Halloween rubber ducks look a little spooky. I’d expect some misbehaviour, some tricks and not so many treats. You may not want to take these rubber ducks into the bath tub with you. Sure they can swim around on the water but, … Read more

Write about a Shipwreck

Think of every pirate and seafaring type movie you have ever seen, now pour all that into writing your own great shipwreck scene. Are you on the ship, or watching from the shore? Do you end up in the sea, holding a piece of the floating debris, do you sink to the bottom or do … Read more


Angelina Jolie wasn’t the first woman wearing an eyepatch in movies. But she was one more who made it look good. I’ve long had a thing for the pirate look, in men. Today I found a site with pictures of women looking sexy in eyepatches. Maybe next Halloween…. we all have our odd little fetishes…