Start Your Own Tourism Business

Another home business idea for a writer is a tour guide. You can run the business from your home, in your town or city. Research the history and locations and write up the guide which you will use to tell people about the area as you give the tour.

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How to Write, Draw, and Create in Peace Without Distractions

People often think art is created in our spare time, something we do as hobby. Writers and artists in books and movies seem to work this way just fine. The facts are different. An artist needs time to work in peace, without distractions. Sometimes the artist has to battle themselves and outside distractions.

Having focus isn’t enough.

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Lost My Writing Passion

Refresh your energy for writing your same old blogging project.

I have lost count of my freelance writing years but I know I started writing online in 1998, or 1997 if you count the personal online diary. Over this time I have had many highs and lows. There have been periods where I lost my passion, or the enthusiasm wore thin.

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Could you be a Managing Editor at Yahoo!?

Managing Editor, Shine Canada  

Yahoo! is focused on making the world’s daily habits more inspiring and entertaining. By creating highly personalized experiences for our users, we keep people connected to what matters most to them, across devices and around the globe. In turn, we create value for advertisers by connecting them with the audiences that build their businesses.
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Apply for Writing Jobs

I applied for a topic to write with When ever I look at writing jobs, particularly staff writers for a publisher with some prestige, I like to see what they look for in writers. It’s a good idea to see how you measure up, find areas you could improve in and research more about.

When working with potential Topic Writers, we look for the following:

Writing Ability: A strong writer whose content is not only informative and factual, but compelling enough to make readers want to see more.

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From the Tiny Revolution: Now Small is Powerful

From the Magpie Girl site, from Rachelle Mee-Chapman,  Small is Beautiful/ Small is Powerful Blogger Manifesto (The original site is gone but I found a link via the Web Archive).

I used to think that small was beautiful. Rather like a delicate rosebud in a cut-crystal vase. Or a butterfly wing.

Now I know differently. Now I know,

Small is Powerful.

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How to Start a Fresh Blog Post When You’re Stuck

Everyone hits a blank now and then. Don’t get impatient with yourself. Take a quick break, make yourself another coffee, start a load of laundry or walk around the block once or twice. Then come back and use one of these to give your post a fresh start:

  • Use a statistic you find somewhere. Look for a surprising statistic, something unexpected or controversial.
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RIP 9Rules

I’m not unlinking from 9Rules. My feed still goes through on the Writing section of their network, so for that, I am keeping the link up. But, I have in every way that matters, given up on 9Rules. I feel really let down, disappointed and somewhat stupid for ever believing in it.

If I had my blog in 9Rules in the beginning, when the site still had passion behind it, I would have felt very much differently.… Read the rest