Alone for the Holidays

You can be happy being alone over the holidays, even your own birthday. Avoid being alone if you want. Or enjoy being alone if you want a break from being social. So many of the big family holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course New Year’s Eve) arrive at the end of the year. If you … Read more

Blog Copyright

» Blog Copyright. This is the plugin I use on my WordPress blog to change my copyright each year. You really don’t need a plugin for this. It’s quite simple to adjust the end date yourself. I like the plugin cause it keeps it in place (as part of my footer) no matter how many … Read more

Make a List of a Different Kind

As read on, The Bright Side column: Make an I-did-it list. … have you ever considered getting motivated for the new year by making an I-did-it list for all of the things you’ve already accomplished? … before you write out the things you want to do in 2011, take a moment to appreciate all … Read more

Give a Blank for Christmas

Dear  _______________, I’m   ___________  that I can’t be with you for the holidays.  I really   _____________  you both. Thanks for your  ___________  and your  __________  the past year. You are always  ___________  when I need ______________.  I don’t  ___________  what I would do without you.  I’m looking __________  to seeing you with a … Read more