How to Be Someone’s Secret Admirer on Valentine’s Day

Could you… Should you… Be a Secret Admirer?

You might want to be a secret admirer because you like someone or you might do it to perk up someone who has been alone awhile or feels left out. Be careful, either way. It’s fun to have the mystery of a secret admirer but it can backfire.… Read the rest

Set Your Lyrics

Every show on TV starts out with it’s own theme song. (If there is one that starts out silent I can’t think of it). Some of the theme songs are great, sentimental or powerful or just the sort of melody or lyrics to stick in your mind. With some theme songs you can hear a bit of it years later and remember the whole thing.… Read the rest

I’m Getting Divorced in the Morning

Likely someone has written revised lyrics for that “I’m getting married in the morning” song. I thought about it but I have too much to do and my mind doesn’t settle on one thing for very long these days.

Anyway, today is the day. In a few minutes I am expecting my husband, Todd, to honk the car horn from downstairs and then we are going to the local court house here in southern Illinois to sign divorce papers and make everything all legal and official and dry as burnt toast.… Read the rest