For the First Time, Recently Again

Language is an art. You can make it say anything you want it to. Fiction and non-fiction, they just work a little differently. Fiction can be anything you can imagine and manage to describe to readers. Non-fiction relies on explanations. But writers can play with words and make them say or sell anything.

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How to Stop Finding Language Arts Class Boring

Become Active in Language Arts

Change your way of learning language arts. Instead of sticking your nose in a book, get out there and find yourself new challenges, active challenges.

Get into storytelling. You’re not just writing a story, focus on how to tell the story.

Find spelling competitions at your school or groups competing in the schools in your area.

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Selecting, Collecting, Connecting and Correcting

Steps in the Writing Process

  • Selecting
  • Collecting
  • Connecting
  • Correcting

I browsed through an old language arts school textbook. I liked the list they wrote for the steps in the writing process. It’s true when you think about it.

Selecting – Choosing a topic or an idea to write about. (Sometimes that seems to be the part that takes the most time).… Read the rest