Emily Carr Set of Mugs

Emily Carr (1871-1945) Prior to 1927, Emily Carr boldly pursued her unique artistic path in isolation from the major art movements taking shape in the Eastern part of Canada. Carr passionately explored the remote native communities of coastal British Columbia, delving into the merger of landscape and cultural objects. From 1927 through the end of … Read more

Cityscape, Skyline Metropolis?

The suffix of one word can lead to so many other interesting words. In looking into the theme for Doodle Week on U3 this Friday I knew I wanted to draw some kind of city skyline, a cityscape. That led to looking up other kinds of words with ‘scape’ as a suffix. That led me … Read more

Eating Garden Snails

Watching Gordon Ramsay’s F Word show tonight, I saw how he caught, cooked and ate garden snails. In this world of economic worries (and my own love of apocalyptic stories), eating garden snails doesn’t sound like a bad plan. I thought the whole thing of farming garden snails was something fairly new ¬†until I started … Read more