Daisy Yellow’s Creative Experiments

Daisy Yellow is an art journalist with regular posts with Creative Experiments, Kick Start your Art Journal and Art Journalling 101.

Use familiar stuff in a new environment

This is easy. Take your show on the road. If you draw mandalas at night before bed, draw at a cafe. If you mostly shoot photos of your kids, photograph iron gates or weathered doors.

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Afterwards for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is over for another year. How did you score? Isn’t that a bad way to think of it!

What could be all romance, cuddles and affection has become about retail, shopping and spending. No, I’m not going on a retail rant. I’ve worked retail enough to live and let live. People need to change, if they want to.… Read the rest

Do you Have a Secret Desire to be a Fashion Blogger?

Glamorous, exciting and stylish… isn’t that how a good fashion blog feels when you open it? Those high heels, the just-right dress you wish you could fit into (some of you may, not me). I never wanted to be a model, a clothes horse. But… I have a secret lust to be a fashion blogger. Posting photos of clothes I’d love to wear.… Read the rest

Pearl Flowers

I found these on a site called YouPearl.  Each of these flower designs come in black, white, pink or lavender. Some of the jewelry on this site used gold pearls which I thought were really antique looking. There weren’t many of them and none in a design I especially liked.

Not Just for Brides

I posted about these brooches made into bouquets for weddings on my other blog. I found them being called brooch bouquets, this one was called a blooming brooch.  But, really why should they just be for weddings? They are gorgeous and would be a nice project, something to do with a brooch collection if you have several you don’t wear very often.  … Read the rest

Steampunk Daisy

This comes from an Etsy shop called the Bionic Unicorn. I seldom see real colour in the steampunk jewelry designs. For that reason this one is especially nice.

Is Scorpio Compatible?

Scorpio Pig and Sagittarius Dragon?

A love match between Scorpio and a Sagittarius should move forward slowly, they need time getting to know each other on a deep, significant level or else they run the risk of jumping in too far, too fast. This relationship could be over before either partner even realises it’s started if they’re not careful!… Read the rest