Take this Job and ….

How do you make yourself go into work on a day you really don’t want to? What do you do to trick yourself into not missing a day? If you work from home, writing or another business, how do you discipline yourself to sticking to a work routine? I’m trying to just not think about … Read more

Don’t Stress About It

What brings you stress? Kids, your job(s), spouse, parents, deadlines, or any of a hundred other things. For me, people give me the most stress. Also, one that will seem odd, my name. You will think it odd that I’d stress out over my name but I do. I gave up my maiden name when … Read more

More Deadlines

Deadlines sound like a fisherman’s term for a bad day. How do you handle deadlines? Are you a procrastinator, like me? Sometimes I do get started early, with all the passion and enthusiasm for the topic I’m undertaking. But, I get too caught up in the research and the ideas. The actual article doesn’t start … Read more


Clutter! There, I said it! Are you cringing just thinking about it? I do. You see, I am a clutter bug. Sitting in front of my computer I am surrounded on nearly all sides with a clutter of my own making. It’s 90 per cent paper, biodegradable eventually, if I let it sit in the … Read more

Time to Buy a New Dictionary

When did you last buy/ get a new dictionary? How about a thesaurus? Maybe you splurged and got a rhyming dictionary too? I especially like playing around with my thesaurus. But, tonight, I discovered how out of touch my trusty dictionary is. In fact, good old trusty is down right rusty. There is no ergonomics … Read more

Handling Fanmail

I started reading “Guerrilla Marketing for Writers”. One thing that struck me as was this: “You can show your involvement with your fans by being cordial when you contact them, by being helpful to them, and by asking about them.” Almost no one does that any more in the great big, fast, condensed world of … Read more

The Email Subject Line

Lovely, luscious readers, tonight I have two, count them, two great, sensational, momentous ideas for you! Can you tell I’m kind of enthusiastic tonight? !! Too much coffee I fear. But it was GOOD coffee! Anyway, idea number one. Next time you need to write a short bio for yourself pick up a magazine. Have … Read more

Assignments for Home-Based Writers

From the book – How to Start a Home-Based Writing Business by Lucy V. Parker, these are sixty key assignments for home-based writers: Advertising copy Anniversary materials for corporations, organizations, institutions, municipalities Annual reports Articles for employee magazines Articles for single-sponsor magazines Articles for trade journals and small magazines Brochures Calendars Capability brochures Catalogues and … Read more