Glass Handles/ Pulls for a Set of Drawers

GOhandles on Etsy. One of the handles on my dresser broke. I’ve had the handles replaced once since I got the dresser and matching bedside table/ dresser. The handles I had on it for years were nice looking but plasticy. So, I wanted to find something I would like better this time.  But, not something … Read more

Keep Plants Instead of Pets

Get plant friendly. Plants don’t destroy clothing or furniture, they don’t bite, drool or bark. You don’t need a bag to pick up their poop if you take them on a walk. You don’t need to take plants to the vet. Plants can smell wonderful. You can eat some of them, if you choose. Plants … Read more

Creative Drawing and Journaling

Originally posted to SuiteU, part of Suite101. SuiteU is being removed from the site. I wanted to save the ecourses so this resource would not disappear. Drawing 101 By Joan Martine Murphy Introduction Most people would love to be able to draw what they see. Many people find enormous pleasure in the art of self-expression. … Read more

Don’t Turn Your Back on that Garden Gnome

Here we are, surrounded by snow at this time of year. It’s a nice time to think about Spring, which I know is coming, eventually. It just takes it’s own time; keeps it’s own schedule. Sort of. I’m thinking of a garden setting for a scene. It’s early morning, the dew is still on the … Read more

Dust Bunnies

What do you know about dust bunnies? Or do you think they don’t really exist, like pixies, fairies and the Loch Ness Monster? Dust bunnies are real, I’ve seen them. I’ve swept them up and cleaned up after them. Downtown Dust Bunnies – Two sets of sisters on a mission to uncover the cause of … Read more

Home Staging as a Career

Home staging also known as home redesigning and real estate enhancement is about setting up a home to appeal to real estate buyers. The home staging service can be used by home builders, real estate agents or the individual home owner. Home staging is like public relations for the home selling market. Home staging plays … Read more