The Original Save the Dragons Campaign from GeoCities

The following is posted from the site I found many years ago and lost track of eventually. I have not changed spelling or anything else. But, I did not save all the image files. You can see the full site, as long as the Wayback Machine keeps it saved. I could not find the original source/ person from the site.… Read the rest

Web (Online) Games for Writers

Games of Destruction Inspire Me to Write

I admit I’m a procrastinating web writer. There should be a club or group for us – but we’d all be playing games or claim to be writing.

If I were all good and noble and proper, I’d play word games. Games that might put me in the writing mood, get me thinking along the lines of words and using those words to form sentences.… Read the rest

The End for Book Reading?

I found this link on Scoop.It: Publishing.

Is this the end for books? | Books | The Guardian.

Certainly, electronic books have overcome their technological obstacles. Page turns are fast enough, battery life is long enough, and screens are legible in sunlight. Digital sales now account for 14% of Penguin’s business. But there are reasons to reject the idea that the extinction of the printed book is just around the corner, just as there were reasons to reject the notion that e-books would never catch on because you couldn’t read them in the bath and, y’know, books are such lovely objects.

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You might think I’m a doom and gloom sort if you knew how interesting I find the end of civilization. But it’s actually the rebuilding and the survival that really interest me. In part the cause and results of how things ended too, like reading a really good mystery where you have to pull the facts together and form your conclusions.… Read the rest

It Can Happen to You…

I used the last of the really good smelling shampoo tonight. So, unless you show up now, before I go to bed, you won’t get to smell how great it really is. I won’t be waiting up for you. I’m too tired.

Other news…

Graham, my brother, is visiting. We played canasta in between him cutting the lawn for Mom.… Read the rest