When the Future Feels Hopeless

These (see below) are great as ways to refocus yourself and get out of a rut.What I learned to do for myself is look at what is sustainable versus what I feel obligated to do, pressured to do, etc. What am I doing that really makes me feel good, accomplished, and able to go on and do more.… Read the rest

Visiting Horses

This year the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) was not allowed to be open. But, the Carlsberg Championship team of horses haven’t been at the CNE for a long time. I remember seeing the team of horses pulling the beer wagon when I was a teenager, and younger. It was one of the things I most liked to see each year.… Read the rest

Hello… Happy UnBirthday to You (and Me)!

I have wanted to have a holiday and events site for years. But, I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. So, this site is taking awhile to pull together. I have artwork, from my ASCII art. I have posts and loads of ideas I’ve been gathering, collecting and curating. I found software which I can use to set up a calendar for all the recurring holidays and events.… Read the rest

Starting the Process for Coffee

This morning I have allergies and I’m waiting until 9:00 rolls around before I make coffee, take an antihistamine and have some breakfast. I’m thinking I will have plain, cold cereal for breakfast. Adding milk but nothing else. I’ve gotten used to not adding sugar years ago. Even cereal like Shreddies (I like the no name/ store brand) have added sugar already, just not as much as the really sugary stuff.

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Canadian Links from the old dmoz 2

Society of Canadian Artists

                                         A national professional association of artists and associates, representing all visual arts. Includes gallery, events and exhibitions, and a tips and techniques section.
Trade association for community newspapers in British Columbia and the Yukon.
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Canadian Writer Events Links from the old dmoz


Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival


Speakers, seminars, and general information.


Cabot Trail Writers Festival


Details of the festival, including authors, activities, sponsors. Archives of previous festivals.


Eden Mills Writers’ Festival


An annual one day event coordinated with The Guelph Jazz Festival, features authors readings and discussions of their works.
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Canadian Writer Links from the old dmoz



APN is a non-profit, provincial arts service organization and registered charity dedicated to fostering playwriting in Alberta.



Events, membership details, newsletter, and subscription information. Based in Calgary, Alberta.



Formed in 2010. Located in Vancouver, BC.



A not for profit organization governed by a volunteer board and executive team.
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Sites 15 

Alternate History Discussion

The largest alternate history discussion forum on the web, plus a directory of individual scenarios sorted by era.
Alternate History Wiki

Exhibits pages related to alternate histories.
B-49 Alternate History

Speculates on how military aviation history would have been different if the project had not been cancelled.
David Johnson’s webpage

Mostly noteworthy for the long “TrolleyWorld” scenario, also has parts of zines from Point of Divergence.
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Calligraphy Guilds/ Societies in Canada

Today I worked on calligraphy organization links for dmoz. Here are all the active groups/ links I found for Canadian locations. 

Non profit society formed to promote, inspire, encourage and share the art form of calligraphy. Includes newsletters, events and contact information, Based in Calgary, Alberta.

Exists to promote calligraphy, to encourage all forms of its expression and to provide opportunities for artistic and technical development.
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