What to do with Broken Books

book drunkardBooks get broken. Some can be repaired. Some aren’t worth repairing but could be repurposed/ upcycled instead. Book art is nice to see but, I think it needs to be practical so we aren’t just creating clutter but something useful too.

I don’t have many hard cover books these days. I miss them.

When you buy a book now it’s either a paperback or a bigger sized paperback book.… Read the rest

Real Book Lovers Make their own Bookmarks

bookmarkI became more interested in bookmarks after my friend, Deanna, asked to use one of my drawings for a bookmark she wanted to print out for the First Annual Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention. Before that I never put a lot of thought into bookmarks. I had a few, I lost a few and a few were mangled when they fell out of my book and into the depths of my purse.… Read the rest

Your Business Does Not Need a Blog

Most businesses need to reconsider keeping a blog for something which would work better for consumers and take less time and energy for the business to maintain.

Why Develop a Blog When a Static Page Will Do?

I was reading a post which encourages businesses to have a blog, as if that is all they need to do.

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For International Zine Month

I made a zine, once. I didn’t distribute it. So I’m the only one who knows about it. But, the process was fun. Before I had a computer I hand wrote the contents, doodled and cut and pasted the rest. Then put my pages together with a cover. It was about the paranormal and the unexplained.… Read the rest

Geek Girl Problems

Found as a hashtag on Twitter – #GeekGirlProblems

What is a Geek Girl problem you may wonder? According to the posts on Twitter they include:

  • Finding a Buffy and Spike wedding cake topper.
  • Wanting white hair like Storm in X-Men.
  • Locating or making DIY designer bookcases.
  • Trainer at the gym might be a Cylon.

Most are about fictional characters… is that all there is to Geek Girls?… Read the rest

Make a Gorgeous Brooch Bouquet

How To:
Fancy Pants: How to Design a Brooch Bouquet
San Francisco Budget Wedding: DIY Bright Idea: How to Assemble a Vintage Brooch Bouquet
Decor Adventures: Wedding Bouquet Tutorial
Offbeat Bride: How to DIY Your Own Brooch Bouquet

Fantasy Floral Designs: Home of the Brooch Bouquet

Where to Buy:

Etsy: Lions Gate Designs
Etsy: The Ritzy Rose
Etsy: The Bejewled Florist
Etsy: Croska
Etsy: Blue Petyl
Etsy: Amanda1
Etsy: Metal Petals Everlasting
Etsy: Noaki

DIY Blog Book Tour

A blog book tour is usually hosted by a book author, one blogger or a tour service and consists of several bloggers making scheduled posts on their blogs, networking with social media, in order to promote the book for the author.

Tours are held for a new book release but could be used as promotion for a book already available.… Read the rest

Should you Write for a Blog Network?

A blog network is a group of people writing together to cover a set of topics all as part of the same larger group.

  • Some blog networks are writers with their own unique blogs, only connected through the network as a way of building a community, such as 9Rules.
  • Another kind of network is more like an ezine where the writers post to one site, like Blogging Tips, Smashing Magazine, or Salon.com
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