Writing about Blah

Write an entry in your diary about a day when you did nothing special, nothing interesting happened. Write about a blah day but find ways to make it interesting by looking at it, not from your own perspective, but that of the reader. Someone who doesn’t know you will find things you do, and your reasons for them, more interesting than you do yourself.

Does SEO Influence Your Writing?

One Question Interview #2: When writing your posts how much does SEO, traffic and marketing come into your thoughts versus just writing a great post? Give an idea of your ratio for writing well versus writing for traffic. I know everyone has it on their minds at least a little. Even writing a personal journal I would be thinking about who might read it (though I’d usually be long dead and blameless by then). Ken Writing: I’m afraid I don’t think of SEO at all (I know I should). Sixmats: I’ve been more aware of SEO lately and if I … Read more

No One Knows Where you Are

Assuming you are writing a personal blog/ journal/ diary why don’t you show your location to readers? I know there are security, privacy and paranoid reasons to not give your home address but surely you can say which country you live in, maybe even your province/ state? One of the things I like best about reading a new blog is knowing where the person I am reading about is from. It’s interesting to read about daily life in another country. It is also a warm feeling of coming home to be reading the blog of someone in your own country. … Read more

Me and Yet Not Actually Me

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.” – Gore Vidal I like the quote but it contradicts that whole thing about knowing your audience. Do you know your audience? Are you thinking of someone or some type of people each time you write? I used to think I was writing to future generations each time I wrote in my diary when I was a kid. Now I tend to think I am writing to myself and yet someone who is not actually me.

Weight Loss Freedom

Dr. Phil: The Seven Keys to Weight Loss Freedom When you use Dr. Phil’s seven keys, you begin to: rid yourself of wrong thinking, heal yourself of emotions standing in the way of a healthy relationship with food, create a no-fail environment, shape your eating behavior into what you need for lifetime weight control, get real about nutritional choices that worked to your detriment, change your priorities to include exercise, and plug into a circle of support for encouragement and accountability. In short, you are changing how you’re living. Key One: Right ThinkingLay aside self-defeating, invalid mindsets that do not … Read more

What is a Journal if you Can’t Mess Around with It?

What is a journal for if you can’t mess around with it? Sometimes I add something here and think… people will think I’m a dork or… people will be tired of reading about dragons… Well, so what? This is my place to mess up at will, and I will, frequently and intentionally. You are forewarned. I might even spell things wrong and not look it up to fix it. So there.

Great BlogStyle

easy bake coven :: does this blog make my ass look big?I’d like to do some of these things with my blog too. For one, the smiley faces. But she also does quotations, just as I do. — QuoteMemory… is the diary that we all carry about with us. – Oscar Wilde — Writing for WordCraftI’ve just gotten an idea to use for WordCraft, the writing newsletter at BackWash. I was downstairs, getting some cereal and looking at the breakfast dishes my Mom left when my brother came to take her to the airport this morning. I was thinking how … Read more

The Diary Survey

This came from an email list I just joined, Online Diaries. The Diary Survey 1. What is your current online diary’s URL? (Please provide a link to your diary!) 2. When did you first start a diary, and why? What did you write about at first? How long have you kept diaries, and was that consistently or just here and there? 3. Whether your first diary was electric or paper, do you still have it? 4. Do you read your old diaries? What do you think or feel when you read your really old entries? 5. What type of writing … Read more

THE Interview

THE Interview 12/7/00 11:08 pm It went ok. Everyone seems to say they are there until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I was out before noon, with the visa. Maybe they have changed the process. I had the interview and he said it would be an hour while they added the visa to my passport, it wasn’t. We were out of there in record time. 🙂 I went with my Mom. We stayed at the TravelLodge. It was small in a cute way but there were cobwebs on the ceiling, the shower curtain was useless and the first room … Read more

Night Before Rant Part 2

Night Before Rant Part 2 12/4/00 2:23 am *sigh* If I can just live through this week I will be officially married next week. One week from now I will be on the other side of the border trying to force, coerce and whatever else it takes to get Todd to go to the doctors for a check up. Really, its only fair. He doesnt want to go and is trying to put it off till after the honeymoon. Meanwhile I have been governmentally inspected, physically and personally. Its his turn, dammit! 🙂 (A great deal of personal rant editted … Read more